There are a lot of sounds associated with a suplex.

There are the grunts of struggle from both the wrestler lifting and the wrestler being lifted. There are the cheers of exaltation or groans of despair from teammates and spectators. Lastly, there is the dull thud of two bodies hitting a wrestling mat.

Manhattan High senior Talique Houston heard all of those as he tossed all 285 pounds of Dodge City’s Edgar Hernandez to the mat on the way to a eventual pin during his match in the first-place round of Manhattan’s home dual tournament on Saturday.

Houston, who wrestled in 220-pound bouts in the previous four rounds that day, was told by Indian coaches before the dual that he was moving up to the 285-pound classification, and shifting David Sosanya, the team’s regular heavyweight, down to 220 pounds. Dodge City did not have a 220-pound wrestler, and Manhattan coaches wanted Houston, a more experienced wrestler than Sosanya, in the heavyweight match.

The senior was undaunted and exhilarated by the challenge. Despite being shorter and lighter than Hernandez, Houston showed no hesitation, going right at Hernandez, bull rushing him a couple times through the first two periods before gaining position behind him, lifting him and slamming his foe to the ground.

“I walked in with the mindset that, ‘I’ve got to win. I can’t lose. Size doesn’t matter in this fight,’” Houston said. “I brought it to him in the first and second period, and in the third period, he broke. After I slammed him, he was broken.”

Not long after — 4:57 into the match to be precise — Houston got the pin in front of the Manhattan bench. His teammates and the fans in the Manhattan High gym were thrilled.

“You just have to be quicker than them,” Houston said. “That big boy, he couldn’t stay with me. I was always moving and changing levels so he couldn’t keep up. When people are bigger than me, taller than me or longer than me, I’m just going to blast right through them, and there’s nothing that they can do about it. I’m just too quick.”

Houston was just one of many exemplary performances put on by Manhattan High wrestlers as they went 4-1 on the day, taking first place in the tournament while getting two ranked wins.

Led by seniors Easton Taylor and Blaisen Bammes, who went 5-0 in their respective weight classes, the Indians fought past Paola (53-28) and Bishop Carroll (40-33) in the first two rounds of pool play before falling to Lawrence-Free State (39-35), the No. 4 team in Class 6A.

The Indians’ 2-1 record clinched a spot in the gold championship bracket, where they ran up against Shawnee Heights, the No. 2 squad in 5A and the winner of the other pool.

The teams were neck and neck, and by the end of the match, it was tied at 37. However, Manhattan won the tiebreaker because the Thunderbirds forfeited two matches.

That win pitted MHS against Dodge City, which came into the tournament ranked third in 6A.

This one was just as close as the semifinal.

Manhattan started off strong, getting three of the first four wins of the dual, including an impressive victory from Taylor.

The senior, who is ranked No. 1 in 6A in the 138-pound division, faced off against fellow senior Rudy Hernanadez, who is ranked third.

There was not to be an epic, top-five battle, though, as Taylor dispatched the Red Demon senior in just 55 seconds.

“I just love coming out here and doing what we do best and showing these other schools how Manhattan High wrestles,” Taylor said. “It was a really great day for our whole team in general. We really battled.”

The pin was Taylor’s fifth of the day.

“He’s wrestling really well right now,” Manhattan head coach Shawn Bammes said. “Easton has what it takes, especially to go to that next level, and we expect that of him. We only had two kids go 5-0 on the day (Taylor and Blaisen Bammes), and we expect that out of those seniors: to ride that leadership and that spark when it’s needed. Those two have been practice partners for the last five or six years. They push each other and it shows when they step out here. They both got wins when we needed them, and they’ve been in those situations before.”

Midway through, seniors T.J. Tiede and Houston got key pins, setting up the Indians with a cushion heading into the final stretch.

“They’re getting better and they’re getting in shape,” Bammes said of Houston and Tiede. “They’re buying into the technique that we’re teaching, and I think that’s huge. We have a system, and this system is designed for a reason and we drill it for a reason and they’re starting to buy and do what they’re supposed to do.”

Manhattan lost three straight to close the match, but sophomore Jameal Agnew managed to hang on through all three periods, avoiding the pin and clinching the dual win with an 8-5 decision loss.

The final score was 36-36, but just like versus Shawnee Heights, Manhattan won the tiebreaker because Dodge City had two forfeits and the Indians had none.

Perhaps the biggest take away from the day for the Manhattan wrestlers — after two victories over ranked teams and a close loss to another — was that the Indians feel like they’ve proven themselves worthy of being a top-10 team in 6A after beginning the season unranked.

“It shows a lot,” Houston said.

“We came in today and wrestled with a chip on our shoulder. I feel like after we come back from winter break, we should be ranked. And if we’re not, we should take that as disrespect and continue to go out with a chip on our shoulder and show them what Manhattan High wrestling is all about.”

Manhattan’s final competition of the calendar year will be next week, when it heads out of state to compete in the Grand Island Tournament in Nebraska.


Round 1

Manhattan defeated Paola 53-28

106 — Kaiden Powell (Paola) over Marcus Gordils (Manhattan) Fall 1:14

113 — Xander Meinig (Paola) over Luke Farrell (Manhattan) Fall 1:15

120 — Jantzen Borge (Manhattan) win by forfeit

126 — Ryan Pankov (Paola) over Jameal Agnew (Manhattan) Fall 5:29

132 — Macoy Johnson (Paola) over Logan Logerman (Manhattan) Maj 12-0

138 — Easton Taylor (Manhattan) over Steven Yeager (Paola) Fall 0:26

145 — Blaisen Bammes (Manhattan) over Sheldon Martin (Paola) Fall 1:01

152 — Tucker Brunner (Manhattan) over Hayden Worden (Paola) TF 19-4

160 — Isaac Sinks (Manhattan) over Braeden Whitehurst (Paola) Fall 0:43

170 — Sam Shore (Paola) over Landon Dobson (Manhattan) Fall 4:50

182 — Tj Tiede (Manhattan) over Logan Latto (Paola) Fall 1:19

195 — Jaxon Vikander (Manhattan) win by forfeit.

220 — Talique Houston (Manhattan) win by forfeit.

285 — David Sosanya (Manhattan) over Drake Bartlett (Paola) Fall 1:13

Round 2

Manhattan defeated Bishop Carroll 40-33

106 — Caden Denton (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) over Marcus Gordils (Manhattan) Fall 1:21

113 — Luke Farrell (Manhattan) win by forfeit.

120 — Karston Wall (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) over Jantzen Borge (Manhattan) Fall 3:58

126 — Jameal Agnew (Manhattan) over Brady Duling (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) Dec 9-6

132 — Logan Logerman (Manhattan) over Elijah Means (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) Fall 4:37

138 — Easton Taylor (Manhattan) over Gianni Huerta (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) Fall 1:19

145 — Blaisen Bammes (Manhattan) over Caleb Means (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) Maj 11-2

152 — Tucker Brunner (Manhattan) over Sam Duling (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) Dec 13-7

160 — Antonio Huerta (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) over Isaac Sinks (Manhattan) Dec 5-3

170 — Adam Lipinski (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) over Landon Dobson (Manhattan) Fall 1:52

182 — Isaac Arredondo (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) over Tj Tiede (Manhattan) Fall 5:37

195 — Jaxon Vikander (Manhattan) over Broc Eastman (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) Fall 2:41

220 — Talique Houston (Manhattan) win by forfeit.

285 — Hank Purvis (Wichita-Bishop Carroll) over David Sosanya (Manhattan) Fall 4:00

Round 3

Lawrence-Free State defeated

Manhattan 39-35

106 — Grayson Hagen (Lawrence-Free State) over Marcus Gordils (Manhattan) Fall 3:33

113 — Drew Streeter (Lawrence-Free State) over Luke Farrell (Manhattan) Dec 12-7

120 — Nolan Bradley (Lawrence-Free State) over Jantzen Borge (Manhattan) Maj 15-3

126 — Darius Shields (Lawrence-Free State) over Jameal Agnew (Manhattan) Fall 0:25

132 — Logan Logerman (Manhattan) over Ezra Birdashaw (Lawrence-Free State) Fall 4:26

138 — Easton Taylor (Manhattan) over Eric Streeter (Lawrence-Free State) Fall 0:51

145 — Blaisen Bammes (Manhattan) over Trey Shanks (Lawrence-Free State) Fall 0:59

152 — Ben Mellenbruch (Lawrence-Free State) over Tucker Brunner (Manhattan) Dec 8-6

160 — Isaac Sinks (Manhattan) over Talyn Nichols (Lawrence-Free State) Fall 0:24

170 — Zach Shepley (Lawrence-Free State) over Landon Dobson (Manhattan) Fall 1:49

182 — Tj Tiede (Manhattan) over Gavin Blanchard (Lawrence-Free State) Fall 0:53

195 — Matthew Marcum (Lawrence-Free State) over Jaxon Vikander (Manhattan) Fall 1:52

220 — Talique Houston (Manhattan) over Brian Lane (Lawrence-Free State) Fall 1:08

285 — Braxton Blanck (Lawrence-Free State) over David Sosanya (Manhattan) Fall 3:21

Lawrence-Free State’s team score was adjusted by -1.0 for unsportsmanlike conduct. Manhattan’s team score was adjusted by -1.0 for misconduct.


Manhattan defeated Shawnee Heights 37-37

126 — Jameal Agnew (Manhattan) win by forfeit.

132 — Andrew Bonebrake (Shawnee Heights) over Logan Logerman (Manhattan) Fall 3:16

138 — Easton Taylor (Manhattan) over Ty Lewis (Shawnee Heights) Fall 1:45

145 — Blaisen Bammes (Manhattan) over Joey Hilton (Shawnee Heights) Dec 6-4

152 — Tucker Brunner (Manhattan) over Nick Freeland (Shawnee Heights) Maj 11-0

160 — Caden Walker (Shawnee Heights) over Isaac Sinks (Manhattan) Fall 0:25

170 — Cole Manrose (Shawnee Heights) over Landon Dobson (Manhattan) Maj 10-2

182 — Preston Hartman (Shawnee Heights) over Tj Tiede (Manhattan) Fall 0:29

195 — Jaxon Vikander (Manhattan) over Sean Wunder (Shawnee Heights) Fall 1:13

220 — Garrett Peery (Shawnee Heights) over Talique Houston (Manhattan) Dec 10-5

285 — Christian Gonzales (Shawnee Heights) over David Sosanya (Manhattan) Fall 0:48

106 — Marcus Gordils (Manhattan) over Carson Anderson (Shawnee Heights) Fall 0:35

113 — Luke Farrell (Manhattan) win by forfeit.

120 — Brock Ferguson (Shawnee Heights) over Jantzen Borge (Manhattan) Fall 0:25

First-Place Match

Manhattan defeated Dodge City 36-36

132 — Damian Mendez (Dodge City) over Logan Logerman (Manhattan) Fall 3:37

138 — Easton Taylor (Manhattan) over Rudy Hernandez (Dodge City) Fall 0:55

145 — Blaisen Bammes (Manhattan) over Ismael Ramirez (Dodge City) Dec 1-0

152 — Tucker Brunner (Manhattan) over Miguel Aguilera (Dodge City) Dec 7-4

160 — Josh Gonzales (Dodge City) over Isaac Sinks (Manhattan) Dec 9-4

170 — Luke Barker (Dodge City) over Landon Dobson (Manhattan) Fall 1:40

182 — Tj Tiede (Manhattan) over Jesus Lopez (Dodge City) Fall 1:33

195 — Roman Loya (Dodge City) over Jaxon Vikander (Manhattan) Fall 4:23

220 — David Sosanya (Manhattan) win by forfeit.

285 — Talique Houston (Manhattan) over Edgar Hernandez (Dodge City) Fall 4:57

106 — Marcus Gordils (Manhattan) win by forfeit.

113 — Dylan Wainscott (Dodge City) over Luke Farrell (Manhattan) Fall 1:47

120 — Raymond Hernandez (Dodge City) over Jantzen Borge (Manhattan) Fall 1:07

126 — Frio Vontress (Dodge City) over Jameal Agnew (Manhattan) Dec 8-5