Aniya C. Roberts, 28 of Fort Riley to Kelvin R. Ross, 21 of Fort Riley.

Alexander J. Steger., 24 of Riley, to Crystal K. Moore, 23 of Riley.

Jonathan R. Lagerquist, 25 of Wamego, to Shelby L. Zimmerlin, 25 of Wamego.

Elohim G. Gomez, 21 of Fort Riley, to Daisy Flores, 22 of Fort Riley.

Scott R. Sauber, 31 of Manhattan to Selena M. Strate, 30 of Manhattan.

Michael S. Kelly, 25 of Wamego to Lexie N. Thurman, 25 of Wamego.

Terriundis M. Toliheiz Sr., 33, of Manhattan to Chanel S. Fester, 30 of Manhattan.

Greggory J. Harrison, 20 of San Diego for Julia P. Moreno, 19 of San Marcos.

Craig W. Stoll, 60 of Alta Vista to Peggy J.E. Stoll, 68 of Alta Vista.

Jason A. Nigels, 33 of Manhattan to Courtney N. Herrman, 31 of Manhattan.

Parker A. Erickson, 25 of Manhattan to Shelby J. Deines, 25 of Manhattan.

William B. Robinson, 35 of Manhattan to Charity N. May, 28 of Manhattan.

Carlos E. Gonzalez, 22 of Manhattan to Sarah L. McGinnis, 23 of Manhattan.

Kevin L. Mills, 28 of Manhattan to Teal M Penka, 24 of Manhattan.

Masigol Mohammadali, 30 of Manhattan to Manavi Narges, 31 of Manhattan.

Amandeep S. Gill, 36 of Oakland to Kristin M. Overton, 32 of Oakland.

Xavier N. Woods, 24 of Manhattan to Anastasia L. Jimenez, 21 of Manhattan.

Austin S. Anderson, 23 of Manhattan to KaraBeth J. Yager, 23 of Manhattan.

Robert Estrada, 23 of Fort Riley to Tanya Berenisse Gomez, 19 of Camp Humphreys, Korea.

Quadiere D. Thomes, 22 of Fort Riley to Lashayla A. Thomas, 19 of Fort Riley.

Derreck P. Alcala, 31 of Manhattan to Brittnee A. Stanton Marquez, 33 of Manhattan.

Nathan A. Boyd, 30 of Manhattan to Tessa L. Conway, 28 of Manhattan.

Shanyuan Liu, 23 of Manhattan to Boyang Zhao, 26 of Manhattan.

Ponce D. Marcus, 23 of Fort Riley to Jaycee M. Palomino, 19 of Fort Riley.

Adrain Y. Frangoi, 24 of Fort Riley to Selena J. Ortega, 21 of Manhattan.

Tayler T. Hogan, 25 of Ogden to Makinzie J. Alamo, 21 of Ogden.

Darrin E. Griffin, 46 of Manhattan to Shelley R. Troyer, 33 of Manhattan.

Paul B. Wilson Jr., 67 of Ogden to Karen L. Carlson, 62 of Ogden.

Shane R. Conton, 25 of Manhattan to Kimberly R. Fairchild, 24 of Manhattan.

William J. Reynolds, 21 of Manhattan to Janay A. Johnson, 23 of Manhattan.

Keyronta T. Betts, 20 of Kansas City to Khizzana Shaira S. Ulat, 19 of Las Vegas.

Chad J. Cook, 22 of Manhattan to Hannah P. Fowles, 21 of Manhattan.

Anthony C. Huerter, 30 of Tampa to Laural Werneke, 33 of Tampa.

Derrick J. Francis, 24 of Manhattan to Savannah F. Hoang, 22 of Manhattan.

Marte D. Wilhelmi, 38 of Fort Riley to Terri A. Bentley, 32 of Harrod.

Xi Chen, 29 of Chuzhou, China to Yang Liu, 29 of Baotou, China.

Kevin L. Fielding, 19 of Fort Riley to Jessica C. Coy, 18 of Taylorville, Illinois.

Taylor J. McKenzie, 23 of Manhattan to Michaela A. Maxon, 20 of Manhattan.

Kevin L. Rice, 51 of Manhattan to Jennifer H. Kiote, 48 of Manhattan.

Ronald A. Stackhouse, 22 of Manhattan to Regina M. Bledsoe, 20 of Manhattan.

David P. Tozer, 21 of Manhattan to Gabrielle S. Lavington, 19 of Manhattan.

Kevin J. Green, 29 of Manhattan to Daneille C. Smith, 26 of Manhattan.

Glenn E. Wolfe, 23 of Manhattan to Chantel J. Hartman, 24 of Manhattan.

Madison L. Timmons, 30 of Manhattan to Jacob L. Picolet, 28 of Manhattan.

Joshua W. Pierce, 29 of Manhattan to Katie A. Sol, 25 of Manhattan.

Kyle L. Frogley, 53 of Manhattan to Shawna S. Kaufman, 47 of Manhattan.

Mario Garcia Jr., 20 of Fort Riley to Neishka M. Matias, 21 of Fort Riley.

Victor R. Powell, 35 of Leavenworth to Kimberly D. Smith, 34 of Manhattan.

Brandon S. Tucker, 29 of Manhattan to Brandy L. Carpenter, 34 of Manhattan.

Robert T. Race, 47 of Manhattan to Dinh Tx Phan, 27 of Randolph.

Christopher J. Klug, 21 of Manhattan to Kristen N. Queen, 22 of Manhattan.

Steven L. McDiffett, 30 of Manhattan to Marla A. Bramball, 29 of St. George.

Kane P. Hensley, 30 of Riley to Cisti K. Schlesener, 25 of Riley.

Zachary L. Grossman, 21 of Fort Riley to Daryian M. Otto, 19 of Springfield.

Terry A. Dugan, 24 of White City to Ashley L. Sellin, 30 of White City.

Blake A. Walter, 23 of Manhattan to Nicholle M. Hatton, 23 of Manhattan.

Blaine G. Burgess, 20 of Fort Riley to Alison S. Rice, 19, of Jefferson.

Judah I. Garcia, 23 of Fort Riley to Anna K. Solini, 25 of Manhattan.

Morgan P. Webster, 22 of Fort Riley to Erin E. Hayes, 23 of Beale AFB, Yuba.

Ali Ahmed, 23 of Manhattan to Greta L. Giebler, 22 of Manhattan.

Glenn J. Schneider, 49 of Manhattan to Emie L. Theriot, 48 of Tucson.

Joseph Doyle, 21 of Junction City to Morgan T. Chauncey, 18 of Junction City.

Timothy P. Corbett, Louisville, 48 to Alisanne B. Mocabee, 47 of St. George.

Emilio Gonzalez, 27 of Fort Riley to Aisha A. Rubles, 24 of Orlando.

Eric A. Poteat, 21 of Fort Riley to Briana C. Staples, 22 of Fort Riley.

Matthew J. Camerer, 26 of Wentzville, to Lacy J. Ackerman, of Wentzville.

Branden A. Moore, 23 of Fort Riley to Amanda M. Galindo, 18 of Fort Riley.

Amos C. Wilson, 22 of Manhattan to Magali K. LaPorte, 20 of Spring Hill.

David Burton, 48 of Manhattan to Susan L. Smith, 51 of Manhattan.

Adam R. Bestwick, 35 of Peoria, to Stephanie Jefferson, 28 of Peoria.

Tayler O’Neal, 23 of Hope to Morgan N. Valburg, 23 of Hope.

Lonnon JD Sharp, 27 of Manhattan to Kayla K. Romero, 25 of Manhattan.

Matthew G. Frerichs, 22 of Fithian to Mikaela M. Weeder, 19 of Sheridan.

Jonathon A.A. Naylor, 20 of Fort Riley to Stephanie A. Barnier, 20 of Manhattan.

Zenon Cano, 32 of Manhattan to Francisca Cortez, 30 of Manhattan.

David C. Tysdal, 30 of Lincoln to Maxine K. White, 28 of Lincoln.

Devin M. Harmer, 28 of Kansas City to Courtney R. Drane, 28 of Topeka.

James M. Zimmerman, 31 of St. George, to Tabytha J. Foster, 27 of St. George.

Andrew W. Shriwise, 27 of Manhattan to Madison L. Rea, 23 of Lansing.

William H. Mitchell of Manhattan, to Ashley C. Fulps, 28 of Manhattan.

Tej Man Tamang, 27 of Manhattan to Anuja Pawdyal 28 of Manhattan.

Devante D. Williams, 20 of Fort Riley to Koaprese I. Moore, 20 of Fort Riley.

Jacob I. Perez, 22 to Tara L. Holmes, Manhattan.

Timothy N. Brantl, 33 of Manhattan to Brooke D. Barolet, 30 of Manhattan.

Jerod E. Obermueller, 21 of Manhattan to Dianna C. Rife, 21 of Manhattan.

Samuel T. McGee, 29 of Manhattan to Marissa K. Gerrnann, 25 of Wichita.

Christopher C. Stephens, 28 of Manhattan to Lynne D. Denton, 25 of Manhattan.

Caleb W. Compton, 21 of Randolph to Abigail R. Renfru, 19 of Randolph.

Gary A. Kohlason, 35 of Manhattan to Katherine M. Greving, 29 of Manhattan.

Larry C. McCallister, 34 of Riley to Kelly S. Miller, 47 of Riley.

Dennis S. Padgett, 33 of Junction City to Britney K. Tomlin, 24 of Junction City.

Eliseo A. Guerra, 19 of Fort Riley to Takeira D. Robinson, 19 of Manhattan.

Dustin M. Stambaugh, 35 of Manhattan to Eleonor M. Spence, 29 of Manhattan.

Kyle P. Pfizenmaier, 24 of Manhattan to Dominique R. Staats, 23 of Manhattan.

Roberto L. Perez, 31 of Manhattan to Hunter Rose, 25 of Manhattan.

Brian J. Biwer, 23 of Manhattan to Kelly T. Kevine, 23 of Hyde Park, New York.

Thomas E. Stanley, 35 of Lenexa to Mallory A. Menard, 29 of Lenexa.

Charlotte A. Hecht, 30 of Manhattan to Jonathan M. Zeller, 27 of St. George.

Kirk A. Perez, 28 of Riley to Kyla N. King, 27 of Riley.

Ryan S. Stasser, 24 of Garden City to Sarah M. Ramsey, 23 of Manhattan.

Krestal D. Chanemanivong, 22 of Manhattan to Precious D. Vann, 21 of Manhattan.

Sean F. McCullogh, 21 of Fort Riley to AnnaMarie G. Stephens, 19 of Parsons.

Manuel A. Porras Magdaleno, 21 of Manhattan to Marisol Estrada Hernandez, 22 of Manhattan.

Thomas M. Forke, 25 of St. Louis to Emily L. Beach, 25 of St. Charles.

Kyle A. Evans, 25 of Manhattan to Kylsey L. Sheff, 22 of Manhattan.

Andrew K. Shaw, 26 of Allen, to Amber N. Schaffer, 26 of Allen.

John D. Lemon, 27 of Manhattan to Stephanie L. Waln, 26 of Manhattan.

Jared M. Vincent, 22 of Manhattan to Kaitlin A. Wells, 21 of Overland Park.

Ramsey G. Heer, 22 of Lenexa to Nina E. Hollingsworth, 22 of Elkhart.

Joel R. Ovmord, 22 of Manhattan to Sheigh N. Carpenter, 20 of Manhattan.

Daniel C. Myers-Bowman 27 of Manhattan to Sarah A. Kuborn, 27 of Manhattan.

Corbin L. Wallingford, 26 of Gardner to Ashley N. Shaheen, 25 of Gardner.

John N. Gutierrez, 22 of Junction City to Murphy N. Williams, 22 of Junction City.

Allison L. Schroeder, 21 of Manhattan to Evan H. Prevatte, 22 of Manhattan.

John E. Scully, 33 of Junction City to Faith R. Wilcox, 19 of Junction City.

Ravon D. Herbert, 28 of Manhattan to Marylou Nelson, 22 of Manahattan.

Travis C. Wall, 30 of Manhattan to Melissa L. Heath, 24 of Tonganoxie.


Robert L. Gray and Ranwoo Gray

Rebecca E. Bahlmann and Bruce F. Bahlmann

Brandon Hershberger and Haley Grace Phillips

Jessica Blasengame and Dustin Blasengame

Tami VanZandt and Bradley VanZandt

Lance Hoffman and Brittany Leigh Hoffman

Paul Andrew Facey and Laura Lee Strenkowski-Facey

Shenandoah Kathleen Palenske-Givens and Kelly Dee Givens

Leanne Heather Mullet and Gregg Benjamin Mullet

Joshua K. VanVleet and Rachael M. VanVleet

Brenda Navarrete and Heber Tronco Navarrete

Jessica Colvin and Joseph Kelly Colvin

Rebecca Fernandez and William B. Razey

Jay Wesley Peterson and Patricia A. Peterson

Jamie M. Davis and Sean D. Davis

Keith Michael Ryan and Dominique Marie Ryan

Kyle Joseph McNamara and Krystle Rennae Williams

Brent Andrew Lewis and Annie Maggie Rose Sartin

Jesus Ramon Galvan and Monica Galvan

Amaryca Rose Hurla and Kiefer Joesph

James L. Britt and Destiny A. Britt

Courtney Wingler and Dustin Wingler

Tanya Murphy and James Murphy

Benjamin Jonathan Lisee and Amber Lisee

Andrew Bucchin and Kelli Bucchin

Danielle R. Fisher-Arsenault and John Arsenault


Sept. 8, 2017, 4:29 p.m. at Players Circle No. 41 for a public service call.

Sept. 8, 2017, 6:44 p.m. at 5500 Skyway Drive, MHK Regional Airport terminal for aircraft standby.

Sept. 9, 2017, 9:59 a.m. at 2201 Kimball Ave., Bill Snyder Family Stadium, for cover assignment, standby, move up.

Sept. 9, 2017, 3:34 p.m. at 5500 Skyway Drive, Manhattan Regional Airport terminal for aircraft standby.

Sept. 9, 2017 6:46 p.m. at 431 N. Vattier St. for natural vegetation fire, other.

Sept. 9, 2017 10:16 p.m. at 4490 Tuttle Creek Blvd. No. 243 for dispatched and cancelled en route.

Sept. 9, 2017, 10:53 p.m. at 100 Aggieville St. for a public service.

Sept. 10, 2017, 9:47 a.m. at 2221 Meadowlark Road, Meadowlark Bramlage/Wroten House, for alarm system activation, no fire - unintentional.

Sept. 10, 2017, 12:11 p.m. at 2610 Farm Bureau Road for public service call.

Sept. 10, 2017, 7:26 p.m. at 800 N. Fourth St., for alarm activation, no fire - cooking smoke.

Sept. 10, 2017, 8:36 p.m. at 2121 Meadowlark Road, Meadowlark Hill Main Building for alarm system sounded due to malfunction.

Sept. 11, 2017, 6:47 p.m. at 500 block East Poyntz Ave. for outside rubbish, trash or waste fire.

Sept. 11, 2017, 7:22 p.m. at 1201 Central Park Road for a public service call.

Sept. 11, 2017, 8:12 p.m. at 615 N. 12th St. for a carbon monoxide incident.


Brittany Close and Christopher David Close, chapter 7

Aaron Dean Wright and Gayla Ann Adams-Wright, chapter 7

Amy Lou Jensen, chapter 13

Trenton Wayne Brown, chapter 7

Steven C Levin, chapter 7

Edison Andres Santos and Ivis Maday Santos, chapter 13

Tyson Strauss, chapter 7

Matthew Louis Berens and Holly Joan Berens, chapter 13

Brian Keith Simmons and Rebekah Washington Simmons, chapter 7

James Watkins Jr., chapter 13

Kumiko Nakamura, chapter 13

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