When the spillway gates were opened in 1993 at the Tuttle Creek Reservoir it took only days for millions of years of rock formation to be washed away and form a "Grand Canyon."

After the flooding this area was filled in with dirt and planted with grass. When the spillway gates are opened again this fill dirt will be swept away quickly and then the water will begin grinding away at the remainder of the rock formation that lies between the "Grand Canyon" and the concrete apron of the spillway floor. Is there a grave concern that the water will erode under the apron and cause breakoff of the spillway floor?

Also, since the '93 flood a large grove of trees both deciduous and cedar have grown up behind the levy just south of the Dix addition in Northview. During the '93 flood this area held a lot of floodwater and now the capacity has been diminished because of all the trees growing there. Will this cause a significant amount of water to back into the Dix addition?

Donna Smith

1921 Casement Road

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