Much of the conversation surrounding the congressional testimony Wednesday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has to do with exactly how much blame to put on President Donald Trump. And of course, that’s kind of the whole reason for the proceedings: to find out exactly what Mr. Trump and his associates may have done wrong.

What seems clear from Wednesday’s testimony is that Trump probably won’t be impeached, and also that he is not entirely exonerated.

When asked whether it is wrong for a presidential candidate to take help from the Russians, Mr. Mueller said yes. He said, basically, that it’s unpatriotic. In that way, his testimony was at least indirectly critical of Mr. Trump.

But rather than focus on what Mr. Trump did or didn’t do, we’d like to consider a bigger issue.

The point is, we have an adversary out there actively trying to undermine our democracy — not by having nuclear bombs pointed at us, but by trying to contort our minds. They did this in the last election, and they’re doing it right now as we look toward the next election.

None of that is shockingly new, but now we have the guy who spent quite a bit of time getting into the nitty gritty of it ringing the alarm bell. That’s what he said he was there to do.

Mr. Mueller’s inquiry so far has led to 37 criminal indictments and at least seven guilty pleas or convictions, not counting the cases that are ongoing. (Some of those are not addressed in the Mueller report.)

There’s more work to be done in unraveling this rat’s nest, but regardless of political party, we should all be concerned that Russia is actively working to damage the mechanisms of our free and democratic government — the very fabric of our country.

Whatever it takes to rid the United States of that threat, we must do it. Anyone who would stand in the way is unpatriotic to say the least.

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