There is an old saying that in 64 AD Nero played his fiddle while Rome burnt down around him. According to some historians that is false, since the fiddle was not developed until the 11th century. Nevertheless, the expression is certainly applicable today. The democratic leadership continues its “progressive” obsession, while the country, both figurative and literally, burns down around them.

It is hard to forget the images of the past two summers. Cities from one coast to the other and from one border to the other were being looted and burnt while the Democrat leadership and the mainstream media stood by and did nothing to stop it. In fact, during the George Floyd riots, Kamala Harris tweeted support for the Minnesota Freedom Fund. The Minnesota Freedom Fund says it is part of a larger movement to end the harms of money bail and jailing people for poverty. It appears, however, there is little or no discretion when it comes to who is being bailed out of jail.

“A Minnesota man twice bailed out by a Vice President Kamala Harris-backed nonprofit group (the MFF) has been busted a third time on felony drug charges, authorities said. Thomas Moseley’s latest collar stems from his arrest on Oct. 15, 2020, when he was picked up at a George Floyd-related protest and charged with damaging the Minneapolis Police Department’s Fifth Precinct months earlier, WCCO-TV reported.

During the summers of 2020-21, race-based/anti-police riots took place all around the country. In some places, such as Portland, they continue to take place today. The riots caused millions, if not billions, of dollars through looting and the destruction of property. That says nothing of the injuries endured and the loss of life of both rioters and the police.

What did all this accomplish? Did it solve the racial problem in our society? No. If anything, it is worse now than in Martin Luther King Jr.’s time. If he had lived through today’s protests/riots, I believe he would have been not only appalled, but also incensed! The motto, defund the police, caused a number of communities to reallocate funds away from the police to “community–based policing.” Anyone who thinks some social worker is going to take the place of a police officer and reduced crime, is nuts! Criminals do not contemplate societal ills during a crime. They want something and they go after it. It does not matter if it is money or a life.

Today, a number of cities, like New York, are looking to return to some of the tougher police standards that were watered down during these past two summers. For example, the mayor-elect of New York City, Eric Adams, plans to bring back the anti-crime unit that was disbanded in June 2020. However, this does not sit well with the Black Lives Matter movement. According to a New York Post article, BLM leader Hank Newsome “vowed there’ll be ‘riots,’ ‘fire’ and ‘bloodshed’ if Mayor-elect Eric Adams follows through with his promise to bring back plainclothes anti-crime cops to battle New York’s surge in violent crimes.”

This kind of rhetoric is one of the primary causes for the unrest we are still experiencing today. As long as the Black Lives Matter movement claims to speak on behalf of the entire Black community there will be no resolution to the perceived, if not actual, rise in racism today. We need to stop listening to both the far right and far left, and start thinking for ourselves. It is apparent that over half the country believes the Biden administration is taking the country in the wrong direction. Only we, the people, can put a stop to it, and that will be during the mid-term elections, next year.

We are a country of laws. As long as we coddle criminals, they will continue to commit crime. We do not need new laws; we need to enforce the laws we have. Where we find the law to be antiquated or unjust, we need to follow the rules to have it changed. We need to support, not make enemies of, those who have sworn to defend us, whether that is our local police and firefighters or our military. When we have disagreements, we need to talk through them intelligently, not emotionally. We need to consider the past and current actions, and not just listen to the flowery rhetoric, of those who want to represent us. Before deciding whom to vote for, consider the issues and their consequences. Then vote with both your heart and your mind. Do not let others do your thinking for you.

Bill Shea is a retired major in the U. S. Army. He also worked at K-State as an instructor in computer science and still supply preaches for MCC. He lives in Manhattan.

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