Life is a roller coaster. Transitions are challenging. Eat that slice of humble pie when it is served.

We all have to transition in life. At times, we are excited, nervous, scared, sad or forced. Well, I am going through a big transition.

I graduated from Kansas State University in May with my degree in journalism and mass communications. I have spent the previous four years in school, working various jobs while maintaining a healthy social life. I had a routine. I was comfortable, having fun, enjoying life, and feeling fortunate to have access to higher education.

I knew I was in the midst of a transition. These years came and went as fast as a bullet out of a gun or Deuce Vaughn running from endzone to endzone. I spent all summer working my student job at the Kansas State Veterinary Medical Library (VML) and applying to jobs with the thought of getting one quickly. Boy, was I wrong.

Throughout the summer, the job hunt was okay. I got rejected from jobs I wanted, turned down one and received a lot of no responses. I became numb to the word no or underqualified.

Fast forward to the last week of July. I was searching for jobs. I had one offer and interviewing for two other positions. At the same time, my lease was ending, the library still needed me to work, and I needed to make moving arrangements.

My life was utter chaos. Ultimately I turned down the job offer, was not selected for the other, and one interview process fizzled out. All the doors closed, I moved my stuff back to my parents with my head hanging a bit. But I had one more week in my favorite town, Manhattan. I couch surfed at my friend’s apartments for the week and kept working my last week at the VML.

As that job ended, I moved back to my parents to continue job hunting and find temporary work. I took a quick weekend trip to Arizona, where I networked with a DoorDash sales rep in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. Learning to say hello and have a conversation with anyone is the best skill I learned in college. You don’t know what doors will open for you.

While driving back from Phoenix, I saw a job opening with The Mercury. I applied the following day at the breakfast bar in a hotel in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

I returned home and began temporary work building pools in my hometown. The Mercury called, and I started the interview process and got an offer. A month after I moved back to my hometown, I was coming right back to Manhattan, which has brought its challenges.

I quickly had to find a place to live, a roommate and move. I found out I don’t have own half the things an adult needs to live a functional life. As I continue this transition, I will keep learning, growing and working as hard as possible while rolling with whatever comes my way.

Thank you to The Mercury for hiring me as a reporter. I am eternally grateful to be in the position I am.

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