For many months now, we all have been in our homes probably more than usual on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m not going to lie, some of the days I’ve been at home, I’ve found myself quite bored.

But my whole outlook on being “stuck at home, bored” changed when my husband, Aaron, and I were locked out of our townhome earlier this week.

We arrived home from vacation on Monday. We picked up our two cats from the boarding place and were at home for approximately one hour when we decided we needed to run an errand.

We grabbed our wallets and knew we had masks already in the car. We stepped out of the house as we had locked the front door from the inside. I started walking to the car, and my husband looked up at me to say, “I left the keys in the house.”

Oh, boy. I was ANGRY! I didn’t contain my anger very well and said some things to my husband that I later apologized for. I will admit I was being a drama queen for sure.

I was wearing a short sleeve shirt, no jacket and my husband had on shorts — no jacket either. It was not a good fashion choice for a November afternoon, but we didn’t think we’d be locked out. Luckily, I put on my fuzzy boots, so my feet were warm.

My husband immediately called AAA, the business he works at, for a locksmith. The feeling of realizing we were stuck outside until the locksmith came was unsettling.

I quickly realized I should have never taken those days for granted where I felt bored in my house. At least I was inside, warm and with my kitties.

While waiting for the locksmith, I wished and wished our two cats, Barney and Missy, knew how to unlock the door. Maybe they could suddenly grow thumbs!

I could hear Barney scratching at the door and meowing because he knew we were just outside. Missy looked at us from the locked window too, and I think she might have had a smile on her face, laughing at us for being stuck while they were inside. Missy particularly doesn’t like being boarded, so she probably thought it was karma that Aaron and I were stuck outside after she and Barney were boarded for a few days.

It was starting to get cold. The locksmith was still about 30 minutes away. I told Aaron we should just call our landlord, but he said no because the locksmith was already on the way. I agreed.

We sat outside our front door for about an hour and a half until the locksmith came. The sun was setting, and it sure was a beautiful sunset full of pinks and oranges. Aaron and I huddled together for warmth as we watched the sun go down.

Well, it was very dark by the time the locksmith came. The locksmith was having trouble unlocking the door, so we decided to call our landlord, who came to our rescue. I tell you, I’ve never been so happy to walk through my front door!

In the end, we should have called our landlord first (it would have saved us two hours sitting in the cold) but we didn’t want to bother with the silliness of locking ourselves out.

It was not a very fun time sitting outside in the cold, but, I came to the conclusion that I should never take my home for granted, so it was a lesson that I am glad I learned.

Now, Aaron and I will laugh about this situation. We learned that we need to always check and make sure we have our keys and jackets with us when we leave! It was a simple mistake — leaving the keys in the townhouse — but it sure resulted in a cold couple of hours.

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