I love to decorate.

I like to create collage walls with paintings from my family members and put colorful scarves on my end tables for added texture.

I enjoy mixing and matching metallics and colors in my home. Nothing matches, but as my mom says, it all just goes together.

My love for decorating and eye for design stems from my mother. She can take a broken barn door and turn it into a trendy, chic wall display. She takes baskets and hangs them on walls, can sew or mend anything and is the best at making throw pillows.

Shopping for home accents with my mom was one of my most fond memories as a child. I was always drawn to the vivid pinks and sparkly things. I loved (and still love) the gaudy chandeliers in old homes that everyone gawks at.

I don’t think my taste has changed much since I was younger, actually. I still love pink; it’s my signature color. Although my house is mostly decorated with teal accents, there are still some pink splashes here and there.

Also, if you hadn’t guessed, I love anything shiny, gaudy and sparkly — still. My mom cringes at me when we’re shopping together now and I point at the most glittery thing I can find; it’s fun to compare our decorating tastes and viewpoints.

With being home a lot more on account of the coronavirus pandemic, I began to see some holes on my walls and in spaces in my home. I decided I wanted to find some decorations to fill these spaces.

First, I took out some of my decorations from my August 2020 wedding. I had a rose gold wedding, so I enjoy the rose gold sequin runner on my television stand and a flower wall art piece above my living room window. I also added some wedding photos to my walls and side tables.

I wanted to do something a little more, though. I decided to look at Pinterest and Facebook for ideas. I found a tutorial on how to take a pizza pan and make a fun wall piece. After gathering my supplies from Dollar Tree, I was able to make three separate pizza pan signs. They are so cute, in my opinion, especially for under $10!

For one of the signs, I found a teal placemat with an inspirational quote, some vase filler gems and some sparkly border edge. I was able to use mod podge to put the placemat onto the pizza tray. After that, I added the gems and the pizza pan was ready to go. I have it hanging in my living room, and I love it.

I also made a little vase for my dining table. I took blue gems and glued them onto a clear vase. I added some flowers, and I had a cheap but chic $5 vase.

I made a smaller vase as well, gluing the thread from a mop head to a little vase. The mop thread looks very similar to twine.

These projects are minimal and low pressure. They don’t require a lot of money, and if you mess up, it’s OK! It’s simple and easy to start over. I look forward to going back to the store to get some ideas for my future projects. It’s fun to create things for your home.

With your home, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures. It makes it that much more “you” and gives a very homey feeling.

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