I have recently found videos that I regularly find myself watching. I’ve gotten into watching boxing and UFC fights, and I prefer boxing over UFC.

When I was old enough, able to stay up late and my parents found it appropriate, I enjoyed watching the biggest fights of the year and still do. Now that has turned into watching fighting almost daily. This comes from someone who has never been in a fight and would lose quickly and easily. At 23, the only fighting I’ll be doing is an occasional wrestling match with my brothers at a family gathering.

When I’m watching fighting, it’s usually on Youtube, and I also watch GQ videos about fighting/fighters. I watched a boxer breaking down fighting movies like “Million Dollar Baby,” “Cinderella Man,” “Rocky” and several more to show what’s accurate and what is Hollywood in the films. I watched another video of boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard breakdown some of his fights. I also watched a video of an inside tour of Sugar Ray’s home on the Architectural Digest Youtube channel.

Some of the most entertaining videos I’ve watched are personal videos, and I like those just as much as the actual fighting. I watched UFC fighter Tyron Woodley talk about items he can’t live without. Or UFC fighter Dustin Poirier explaining the meaning of his tattoos. I also watched how Bruce Buffer, the man who announces UFC fights, came up with his famous line “It’s time” and how it brings so much energy to the crowd.

I wouldn’t say fighting has been a passion of mine, but it has always captured my attention. My older brother Nick had a friend and cross country teammate in high school who grew up boxing and became pretty good. His name is Nico Hernández, and he’s from Wichita. He won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic summer games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I watched every one of his matches during those Olympic games, and it was impressive seeing his athleticism and seeing someone from Kansas on that stage.

But I’ve always wondered why someone would step into a ring and willingly get punched in the head? I see the entertainment value in it, but why endure that kind of physical punishment whether you win or lose?

But as I continue to watch these fighting videos, it makes me want to take a class or two just to learn the basics or see what the sport is actually like. If I do take lessons, it would be to learn how to throw a punch and the technical side of fighting. I don’t see myself stepping into a ring and sparring with someone.

As I said earlier, I don’t see myself getting into a fight.

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