We’re much deeper into this one thing that’s affecting everyone’s lives than I ever thought we would be.

We’re approaching 19 months of the coronavirus pandemic, and quite frankly, that’s 19 months too many.

My spirits aren’t as low as they’ve been during these many months, but they also aren’t at their peak. However, I’m still here and still standing just like the rest of y’all.

How are we getting through it?

Many people are getting through this difficult time by indulging in things that they enjoy.

Sometimes the things we enjoy are called guilty pleasures. You know, something that we like, but we maybe wouldn’t admit for fear of judgement or shame or whatever.

Personally, I don’t believe in the concept of guilty pleasures. If you’re feeling pleasure, why feel guilty? As long as the pleasure isn’t anything particularly immoral or harmful, I say go for it.

But honestly, a lot of the things we consider guilty pleasures aren’t even close to approaching that line.

In 2018, Vudu, one of the many video on demand and streaming platforms, conducted a study of 2,000 Americans and created a list of the Top 10 guilty pleasures.

You want to know what they were?

Ordering takeout, falling asleep watching TV, sneaking an extra scoop of ice cream, putting off a task, buying yourself a treat, singing out loud in the car, staying in your pajamas all day, eating at McDonald’s, bingeing a whole TV series in one day, and watching TV all day.

“The horror!” I said sarcastically. Perhaps, you shouldn’t do some of these things all the time, but why would we frame any of these things as guilty pleasures?

Even though I reject the concept, I can admit that some of the things I enjoy could be categorized as a guilty pleasure.

For instance, I’m a connoisseur of professional wrestling.

As a man of taste, part of my weekly TV intake involves watching men and women engage in a violent soap opera.

One of my favorite current storylines involves World Wrestling Entertainment’s Universal Champion Roman Reigns, who has beaten his cousins, The Usos, physically and psychologically until they submitted to his will as The Tribal Chief.

This past weekend, Reigns beat Finn Balor, who was in his “Demon” persona, which is separate from his regular guy persona, despite Balor using his demon powers to revive himself after Reigns and The Usos beat him up. Balor’s downfall came after the top rope collapsed while he stood atop in what I believe is an act of God because historically, God is not a fan of demons.

Another storyline I’m enjoying involves Baron Corbin, a man who was known as King Corbin until he lost his crown in a wrestling match in June, which caused his life to immediately spiral out of control including losing his car, house, life savings and his family before he went to Las Vegas in August and won big money to restore his previous arrogance while leading him to changing his name to Happy Corbin.

Maybe you read all of that and think I should feel guilty for watching professional wrestling, or as people in the biz call it, sports entertainment.

Yet, I refuse to feel bad. Wrestling has brought me lots of joy over the years.

Besides, an industry that led to the introduction of our greatest human, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, can’t be considered a bad thing.

Look, times are hard, and perhaps they will get harder.

So, why not find the pleasure in life while we’re here?

And if you’re not down with that, I got two words for ya … lighten up.

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