Another successful Mother's Day. Americans deify motherhood. We spent $26 billion this year on Mom. Perhaps we should spend some of those dollars to really support mothers and dads and women in general. We need comprehensive sex education, access to birth control and good family-planning assistance. Then we could make sure pregnant women get medical care.

The U.S. doesn't rate very well in maternal deaths, somewhere below Bulgaria. Nor, in contrast with most developed countries, do we provide adequate maternal (and paternal) leave, nor well-baby visits. Then, of course, we lack in quality day care, pre-K schooling and special education.

We don't support moms with post-partum depression or mental health issues. And not all is sweetness and light as there are many moms who need help as we can see with over 7,000 children in foster care in Kansas. Having a planned, healthy baby and healthy supported mom is wonderful and should be a first priority for our nation.

Karen McCulloh

1516 Leavenworth St.

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