I hope you will add important information to the recent “questions@themercury” answer regarding USD 383 nurses providing services at Manhattan Catholic Schools and Flint Hills Christian School. My three children are graduates of USD 383 and I found the nursing services to be necessary and outstanding, so I know the value of, and I deeply appreciate, our school nurses.

Funding for education is an ongoing concern nationally, by state, and by school district. Because there are no easy answers, it is important to present all information when considering pertinent questions, such as funding special services.

The crucial information that is missing from your answer is that the parents of students in private schools pay the same taxes as public school parents. Those taxes, from multiple tax sources, support education. Public school parents access all educational services, including classroom and special services, from those taxes. Private school parents choose to pay additional money as tuition for their children to attend the private schools.

Again, private school parents pay the very same tax money to the government for education, to include special services, that public school parents pay. They do not receive any tax reduction, voucher or compensation toward private school tuition.

The recent “questions@themercury” answer is inaccurate by stating, “The private schools do not pay for the services.” In fact, private school students are not receiving free services from USD 383 — the families have paid their full taxes.

Joyce Woodford

2822 Tatarrax Drive

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