At the Aug. 5 Pottawatomie County commission meeting I presented a solution to the reasons a tour of and meeting in the historic Pott. County Courthouse and Old Jail was denied (pulling employees off their assigned jobs, turning on utilities).

A group of dedicated and vetted docents (unpaid volunteers) could be available to lead guided tours of the site and could obtain keys from the sheriff's dispatch office, not requiring any employee's time away from work.

Cited in the new brochure, “Visit Historic Pottawatomie County,” the courthouse and jail are listed under the first itinerary: Historic Sites. As county funds, approved by our commission, supplemented by Pott County EcoDevo, paid for the brochure, it is reasonable for visitors to expect to be able to see both the interior as well as the exterior of these landmarks of our region.

Why not allow us, county citizens, to showcase our remarkable heritage?

Dru Clarke

7810 Hopkins Creek Road

St. George

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