Dear Manhattan Mercury readers, I hope this greeting finds you looking forward to another productive fall in Manhappiness. My family and I moved away several years ago, but in the mail last week a letter reminded us what great people made our time there special.

It’s because of one person in particular that I send this letter and I hope it causes you to seek her out, send her a note or publicly recognize her for her love and dedication to your students.

Andrea Fields was my son Jace’s fourth-grade teacher at Marlatt Elementary School. She helped him see his own creativity and out-of-the-box thinking as real strengths.

We were reminded of that when Jace opened a letter and read a note from her congratulating him on his recent graduation from high school, wishing him the best as he begins college, and thanking him for his service in our Air Force Guard. It also included an award she had him draw in fourth grade and an “all about me” page.

The sloppy, fourth-grade handwriting communicating his aspirations gave us pause. I’m sure Jace wasn’t the only student to receive a letter, but it is so telling of her dedication to help students cast a vision for themselves.

Be sure to encourage your 383 teachers this fall and thank you Mrs. Fields for continuing to invest in your students.

Alicia Goheen

1532 Columbine Drive

Junction City

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