With the discussion of building even more apartments near Aggieville, yet again another issue is at the forefront of our community: affordable housing.

In Manhattan, an individual needs to make at least $18.15/hr to avoid being cost-burdened, by the standard Housing and Urban Development sets. However, the average renter wage in Manhattan is only $11.76, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. When renters are cost-burdened other aspects of their lives suffer. The phase “rent eats first” sums it up perfectly.

We need Congress to act on this incredibly important issue. In the Senate, Sen. Todd Young introduced S.1772 that creates the Task Force on the Impact of Affordable Housing. Likewise, Rep. Scott Peters has done the same in the House. These pieces of legislation have bipartisan support, including people like Sen. Marco Rubio.

I urge Rep. Roger Marshall, Sen. Jerry Moran, and Sen. Pat Roberts co-sponsor these important pieces of legislation so that we can address the housing crisis. We dare to dream of a more perfect union, and these pieces of legislation move us closer to that.

Jonathan Cole

RESULTS Volunteer

2216 Claflin Road, Apt. 19

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