Silently, carbon monoxide moved through our home last week during the night when the car was accidentally left running in the garage for several hours. Unbeknownst to us, the carbon monoxide had reached high levels which were in the "lethal range."

As we slept soundly, our beloved dog, Emma, was moving around, very restless, upset, trying to alert us to danger. We had no idea that there was a problem. Carbon monoxide is a "silent killer."

An odor was in the air (car exhaust) and after turning off the "keyless" car, and opening the garage door, the carbon monoxide was still at high levels in the house. We were experiencing symptoms of the gas — as was Emma, who could no longer walk.

A call to 911 was made and firetrucks and ambulance arrived. We will be forever grateful to them. We were immediately given oxygen and "one very special fireman" administered oxygen to Emma and gave her special care and kept her comfortable and safe in the firetruck.

We were able to reenter our house three hours later when the carbon monoxide level had returned to a safe level. Our Manhattan Fire Dept./ambulance are the best. They are highly trained, dedicated, kind and caring individuals who go "above and beyond" anything required. We can't thank them enough for saving our lives. People need to be reminded that carbon monoxide detectors saves lives.

Naomi Scheidt

3433 Chimney Rock Road

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