What does the city do about abandoned vehicles? Nothing. I've called law enforcement and they say they know whose vehicle it is but for the past 10 months the vehicle still sits there!

Why have my taxes gone up, and our streets are like 1910? Potholes galore. This reminds me of Omaha, one of the worst cities in the U.S. for potholes. When growing up there we would say if there was not a po hole every 10 feet you must be in some other city.

Well Manhattan is getting that way. What about all these idiots that don't know the proper way of riding a bicycle? Who ever heard of bicycles on the main roads?

If you would have made streets wider to begin with then you could have bicycle lanes but you didn't. There is going to be an accident. And the driver will be blamed for the city's  mismanagement.

Mark Derby

1804 Erickson St.

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