I find the information and discussion on disc golf very interesting. It has not been mentioned that Manhattan already has an 18-hole disc golf course. It is located in Fairmont Park and was established 10 years ago.

It is a quality course and is very well maintained. It is also interesting that it is very lightly used. I walk for exercise and the only area I have walked for the last 10 years is Fairmont park.

I often walk five days per week and am within view of the entire 18 holes at sometime during my walk. I have often questioned the labor and fuel needed to maintain this large area for such a small number of users.

It also requires a large amount of land that might be better used. I understand the desires of the local players of this sport, but the truth of the problem is that disc golf requires a very large amount of space for a comparatively small number of players.

Ken Oppenlander

727 Rannells Road

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