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Focke knows to listen to constituents

To the editor:

I have always admired individuals who have compassion for others regardless of what side of the fence one sits on.

When I first meet Kathryn Focke in 2018, the two things that really captivated me about her were her listening skills and the empathy that she embodies.

As a retired Army veteran and being part of a counseling facility that supports veterans here locally in Manhattan, I get to see firsthand just how important it is to listen to folks’ issues and concerns and how it impacts one’s life daily. Kathryn Focke is that type of individual who believes how vital it is to go door to door and let Riley County residents know that she is for everyone small business owners, veterans, college students and all residents of Riley County. She knows that individuals have different types of struggles and she will work hard for all regardless if you support her or not.

She will be transparent in all that she does and believes that the community needs to know how their taxpayer money is being used and will be used.

She knows the importance of communication between her and her constituents and will ensure that questions will not go unanswered in her community. I am proud to call Kathryn a friend, and fully support her for Riley County Commissioner a leader for everyone.

Rafael Renteria,

4428 Lamonte Drive

On Election Day, vote for candidates who respect sanctity of life

To the editor:

As we approach the upcoming elections, we need to take careful heed of what the candidates really support. One of the most important issues at this time is the massive amount of babies being aborted.

We as a nation have killed around 65 million babies since abortion was legalized. This is almost 10 times the number of people that Hitler killed in his purging of the Jews from Europe.

In the Old Testament, the Hebrew people fell away from God several times and started sacrificing babies to the Ammonite god, Molech. God didn’t approve and nations were destroyed. The lack of moral discipline around the nation today depicts how we have fallen away from God, and our country has become living proof of what happens in a Godless society.

No respect for the lives of babies unveils no respect for anyone’s life... thus, murder, looting, violence and the blatant destruction of another person’s property, etc. are the visible signs of the corruption we are breeding. How can we ask God to bless such a nation?

So on Election Day, find a candidate that respects the sanctity of life and let’s get rid of sacrificing a baby to the god of convenience. It’s time for our country to wake up and recognize where it’s heading... from a democracy where ALL lives are respected to a totalitarian country, where lives are trivialized by those in power.

Tom and Sandy Barth,

4425 Kauffman Drive

Hawk’s leadership has helped Manhattan achieve key goals

To the editor:

It was my responsibility during 16 years of city commission service to work with other elected officials at the city, state and federal level. I worked on many issues for Manhattan and learned that when state representatives and senators had served at the local level prior to going to Topeka, they were more effective, knowledgeable, and responsive to the needs of our city.

Tom Hawk is the epitome of that experience. More than once, his leadership has enabled Manhattan to achieve key legislative goals addressing redevelopment, securing NBAF, and assuring educational funding. I have also appreciated his constant support for my own efforts to address Kansas energy policy issues for over two decades.

We are well served by Tom and I heartily endorse his re-election. Please vote for Tom Hawk!

Bruce Snead,

810 Pierre St.

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