To the Editor: Only five states have a Red Flag law to take away guns when one is having a mental breakdown. The states are California, Connecticut, Indiana, Oregon and Washington.

A Red Flag extreme risk protection law allows family members to get a court order to remove guns and restrict purchase of firearms from an individual deemed to be a risk to themselves and others.

A bipartisan Red Flag bill authored by Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D—Connecticut), and Lindsey Graham (R—South Carolina), will soon be introduced in the U.S. Senate.

The Red Flag movement is growing nationwide after the recent school shooting in Florida. Vermont has already passed a Red Flag law approved by both the Senate and House.

The Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence recently reported that 42 percent of mass shootings exhibited warning signs before committing the criminal act.

But here in Kansas, the Senate is debating whether to bring the HB-2042 reciprocity bill to the floor for further discussion. This pending bill is backed by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the NRA.

It would allow Kansas to honor any other state’s gun-carrying laws. Anyone with a valid concealed–carry gun permit in one state may travel to any other state with the permitted weapon and not worry about being arrested or fined for carrying that concealed weapon.

It means each state must reciprocate the approval of a permit that any other state has issued.

Here’s why passage of HB-2042 in Kansas is a bad idea. Reciprocity agreements between states undercut the ability of individual states to manage the flow of firearms into their borders.

Without comprehensive gun laws at the federal level, the gun-safety debate will continue to be fragmented at best.

I urge all those who are part of gun safety grassroots groups in Kansas to contact your legislators in both the house and senate to explain why you oppose HB-2042.

Instead of just opposing the bill, take the positive step to let your legislator know that you support a Red Flag law instead that will save lives.

Larry Weigel

1809 Kingwood Dr.,


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