I have been a client of Pawnee Mental Health since long before it was Pawnee. I started going to the "North Central Kansas Guidance Center" after trying to kill myself in the seventh grade.

To be honest, it was "Dr. Susan" who saved me from a life of confusion and pain. I understand that these days everything takes more and more money, and that puts a load on the taxpayers.

But how can you put a price on human suffering, and there is an even greater price in money of keeping a person in jail or prison, and then they are even more messed up after they get out.

I have spent a lot of time helping people in many ways, which I could not have done without help from Pawnee. But the way things are, many people who need help are not getting it.

I know, money, money, money. But still, people from all over come here to go to KSU. Money comes into Manhattan and Riley County from the state, country and world.

Give some of that money to Pawnee to help people who really need that help, and in doing so, make our part of the world a better place for everyone.

Stan Wilson

2032 Judson St.

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