Oh yes, let's get into another war. That's just what this country and planet needs: Duh!

Iran has shot down a U.S. drone and we've reciprocated and shot down one of theirs. So let's shrug our shoulders and call it even or perhaps schedule some diplomatic talks (not on Trump's, or Bolton's or Pompeo's agenda.)

But Trump and his hawkish politicians and those characters too cowardly to stand up to him (the hawks) rush to beat the drums of war. This stupid ploy keeps diverting attention away from the main issue of getting this narcissistic dolt out of office.

Trump and his "crazy" inept team are doing their best to get out of President Obama's successful Iran accord even though it was very evident that they were complying with all specifics and demands.

Of course, very few politicians, themselves, or their kin serve in the military. And they don't bat an eye in sending our youth with the possibility of getting maimed or killed, spending hundreds of billions of taxpayers' dollars and killing thousands of innocent people on both sides.

We have been in Iraq and Afghanistan for almost two decades losing the lives of our young people, spending trillions of dollars, igniting the Middle East for centuries to come, and costing the loss of thousands of innocent lives.

Will we ever learn?

Nolan Carlson

4750 Columbian Road


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