I am a volunteer and student member of the advisory board for Kansas State University’s food pantry, Cats’ Cupboard, and I help supply recovered food for local community meals with Food Recovery Network.

I see how hunger affects our community. I see students from all colleges and backgrounds and people of all ages and stages in need of food and other forms assistance.

I see how the services I work with provide much-needed resources for these individuals, but the charitable sector alone can’t meet the need entirely.

That’s why the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is so important. For every 1 meal that Harvesters and other food banks provide, SNAP provides 12.

Food banks would not be able to make up the gap left by cutting SNAP benefits, which would leave millions of seniors, children, veterans and the working poor with no place to turn.

I want to thank Sen. Pat Roberts for his leadership in passing a bipartisan Farm Bill in the Senate that rejects the reckless cuts to SNAP that were included in the House’s version.

Instead, he made common-sense improvements that will make SNAP more efficient.

As the Senate and the House move forward on a compromise bill, I urge Sen. Roberts to continue to protect SNAP and to focus on ensuring every American has enough to eat, not on punishing those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Christine Rock

1516 Little Kitten Ave.

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