The Manhattan Disc Golf Club members did all the right things yet were defeated by the Warner Park neighborhood. Ten years ago they started a conversation with the city about creating an 18-hole disc golf course.

They worked with the Parks and Rec department to review all the possible parks. Together they determined that expanding the nine-hole course at Warner Park to an 18-hole course made the most sense.

They received encouragement along the way from several city commissioners. A highly regarded disc course designer developed a course that considered the other uses of the park and minimized the additional footprint of the course.

After commissioners raised some objections in November, they sent it back to the Parks & Rec department, which did its job. The Club, again, assisted in making compromises to the plan after, again, reviewing all the other possible locations.

Yet, after all this, the City Commission voted against adding it to the Warner Park Master Plan. The Manhattan Disc Golf Club should stand tall.

Kathleen Oldfather

2820 Stone Valley Drive

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