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Morris-Hardeman a thoughtful, committed leader

I endorse Jayme Morris-Hardeman as an excellent candidate for the USD 383 school board. I served with Jayme on the city commission and witnessed her thoughtfulness, perspective and commitment to making decisions in the best long term interests of the community. These are critical capacities for any elected official and Jayme will bring this plus her own professional and personal experience to bear on the issues facing the school district. Her service on the commission, on other committees in the community, and her work in the social services sector will provide inputs to district decisions that is unique and reflect an understanding of the broader implications for our citizens, district personnel, and the city and region.

Please join me in voting for Jayme Morris-Hardeman on Nov. 2.

Bruce Snead

810 Pierre St.

USD 383 needs experienced leaders like Parks, Morris-Hardeman, Hagemeister

My career as a teacher and principal was spent entirely in USD 383. I know personally that to reach its goal of promoting high achievement of all students, District 383 needs collaborative minded, proven effective leaders at the helm. On November 2nd I will be voting for an incumbent, Karla Hagemeister, Jayme Morris-Hardeman, and Teresa Parks for USD 383 School Board.

I served USD 383 as an administrator under Karla Hagemeister’s board leadership during the challenging years of the pandemic. Karla’s steady, data-informed, and consensus-building style led the district through many seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She modeled how leaders make hard decisions, remaining student-centered, being compassionate to all constituents, and dealing with others with a lot of grace. She deserves to continue sharing her wisdom, compassion, and experience with USD 383.

I have known Jayme Morris-Hardeman for decades. Her advocacy for our community’s neediest children is second to none. For several years I have been privileged to serve on the Riley County Community Corrections Board with Jayme. I have witnessed her inquisitive, analytical, and collaborative decision-making first-hand. Her experience, skills, and tireless preparation for service will make her a highly effective school board member.

I have served with Teresa Parks on the city of Manhattan’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force. I witnessed Teresa’s ability to generate viable options for improving safety in Manhattan and her ability to collaborate with diverse workgroups. I had a glimpse of the advocacy she will bring as she serves on the school Board. Her strong educational background and ability to network with community organizations will make her an asset to our district.

USD 383 needs experienced, child-centered leaders in order to continue improving our already great educational system. Please join me in voting for Karla Hagemeister, Jayme Morris-Hardeman, and Teresa Parks, three excellent candidates for our school board.

Jim Armendariz

8950 Glendale Circle

Vote Hagemeister, Parks and Morris-Hardeman for USD 383 board

We, as retired educators and former members of the USD 383 board of education support Karla Hagemeister, Teresa Parks, and Jayme Morris-Hardeman in the November 2 election.

Collectively, Karla, Teresa, and Jayme bring more than 65 years of advocacy experience and more than 30 years as volunteers in our schools, supporting students and educators. They believe strongly in the role public education plays in the lives of children and in the community.

Please help us elect these three education advocates to the school board. Every vote matters!

Susan Wendland

Tom Hawk

Cindy Norris

Greg Hoyt

Katha Hurt

Jim Armendariz

Kathy Swenson

Jane Scruggs

Sharon Fincham

Jane Pelletier

Mary Beth Reese

Robin Edmunds

Barbara Crooks

Raphael Fontenot

Erin Fingelsen

Margaret Gail Shroyer

Fran Irelan

Dave Colburn

Mary Stamey

Sandy Richard

Jim Shroyer

Pam Stokes

Patty McCrary

Larry Weaver

Doug Messer

Vote Weixelman, Mattingly-Ebert and Ruzzin for USD 383 board

Elect Christine Weixelman, Betty Mattingly-Ebert and Steven Ruzzin to the USD 383 school board. They will oppose damaging divisive social issues of the day that are adversely affecting the educational advancement of our students in their career pursuits.

Jeanne Limbocker

2108 Snowbird

Weixelman, Ruzzin and Mattingly-Ebert are best options for all students

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to vote for three outstanding, highly qualified candidates for the USD 383 Board of Education.

Christine Weixelman, Steven Ruzzin and Betty Mattingly-Ebert will provide our students the best educational opportunities possible.

School leadership should be focused on achieving educational success for all students.

A vote for Christine Weixelman, Steven Ruzzin and Betty Mattingly-Ebert will ensure the focus of the Board of Education of USD 383 will be on providing the highest possible educational opportunities for all students.

I have been involved with USD 383 for over 41 years as a K-12 students and a graduate of MHS, a middle school teacher for 16 years and serving 12 years on the Board of Education. I don’t take educating our youth lightly!

Please remember to vote early or on Nov. 2.

Walter Pesaresi

3039 Conrow Drive

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