Editor’s note: The following are paid political letters.

Mann an experienced, committed leader

To the editor:

Tracey Mann is right person to represent Kansas State University and all Kansans in Congress.

As a student at Kansas State University, Tracey was elected student body president in 1998. He knows K-State.

Tracey knows the 1st District. He has traveled the district as a congressional candidate in 2010 and for re-election as lieutenant governor in 2018. Those humbling experiences were invaluable. He is ready to meet the challenges of our district.

Tracey is right for Kansas. As the Kansas Lieutenant Governor, Tracey met community leaders across the state. He understands Kansas’ strengths and weaknesses.

Tracey Mann, an experienced, committed leader for Kansas State University, and the Big 1st District."

Joe Knopp,

104 Oakwood Circle

Hawk will continue to represent us well

To the editor:

I would like to provide my strong support to Tom Hawk for reelection to the Kansas Senate. I have known him in two capacities over many years. First, as a public-school counselor when our family’s interaction with him displayed his regard for students, parents and community.

Later he contacted me when he was initially elected to the Kansas Legislature. I was teaching public finance at K-State and had been a consultant to several states, from Washington to New York, and was on the committee that made the official tax estimates for the State of Kansas. He wanted to thoroughly understand the purpose and impact of state expenditures and taxes before he made decisions for our citizens. 

We had a lengthy discussion. Tom believes taxes should be balanced and fair and that they should be used to benefit everyone.  State services are basically those which cannot be purchased in private markets, and can only be available if the state is willing to provide them: for example, the state court system, education for all future citizens, functioning of the legislature, roads and highways, supervision of child and health care facilities, as well as hundreds of other essential services for all Kansans.

Tom Hawk’s current position as the ranking minority member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee allows him to influence the state budget in ways that help business, agriculture, children, and indeed all citizens throughout Kansas and our district. He has and will continue to represent you well.   

Ed Olson, retired KSU professor

3005 Saint Anthony Place

Focke will listen with common sense

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage readers to note the correction that is sort of buried on Page A2 in Tuesday’s paper. It seems Riley County Commissioner candidate Fanny Fang’s answer for one of the questions in Sunday’s voters guide was substituted in error for Kathryn Focke’s answer. I hope you will read Kathryn’s answer.

I have known Kathryn as a neighbor and friend and worked with her as fellow members of our church. Kathryn has worked actively in the community and is knowledgeable and concerned about issues of our county.  As a Riley County Commissioner, I have no doubt she will listen to the citizens of the county and work diligently to approach each issue with common sense and forth rightness.  I urge the citizens of District 3 to vote for Kathryn Focke for county commissioner.

Vera Langemeier,

3109 Harahey Ridge

Wake up, America!

To the editor:

I don’t know if you were in Antarctica, under a rock, or just not paying attention but Pulitzer prize winner Bob Woodward put out a book called “Rage” based on over 19 hours of Trump approved recorded conversations between the two of them. On Feb. 7, Donald Trump is recorded telling Bob Woodward “in his own words” that he knew that the virus was spread by breath, through the air and was five times deadly and contagious  than the seasonal flu. Later in the book, once again in his own words, Trump on March 29 was recorded saying how he has and will continue to down play the virus. Based on his own admission and lack of action I believe that Trump should be charged with negligent homicide in the deaths of at least 100,000 Americans. Then as now, Donald Trump has yet to recommend a mask and social distance advisory for the American public. In fact he is still endangering American citizens with his packed, mask less rallies to feed his ego.

In Manhattan we have until Nov. 3 to vote. Please do! Based on everything that has occurred with this pandemic, Trump must go and face the music for his dereliction of duty for our country. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Trump and his bully pulpit demeaning fellow Americans and lying to us must stop. Vote Joe Biden! Early voting started Oct. 14. As Bob Woodward said at the end of his book, Donald J. Trump is not the man for the job!

Hannibal Hays.

1925 Hayes Drive

Know thyself before you vote

To the editor:

The ancient Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato followed a maxim: “Know thyself.” This maxim is consistent with many Bible verses as a guide for living and making decisions. Consider the following:

If you like chaos conspiracy theories and belligerent self-promotion, you know who to vote for.

If you believe in alternate facts to suit the moment, you know who to vote for.

If you believe kindness and empathy are weaknesses, you know who to vote for.

If you think government should be run like a family business, you know who to vote for.

If you like forsaking allies but admiration for dictators, you know who to vote for.

If you welcome people like you as immigrants but not those from “s..hole” countries, you know who to vote for.

If you think people unlike you should be sent back to where they came from, you know who to vote for.

If you believe the stock market is the best indicator of your and US economic health, you know who to vote for.

If you believe tariffs are paid by exporters, not importers, and are lowering our trade deficits, you know who to vote for.

If you can rationalize what is happening in our country as all part of God’s plan, albeit in mysterious ways, and should continue as such, you know who to vote for.

If you agree with the above you know thyself. May God help you and us all.

Barry Michie.

3224 Ella Lane

Sales tax on ballot would keep rate the same, generate funds over 10 years

To the editor:

There is a very important question on our ballot this November regarding a 0.5% sales tax focused on funding property tax relief, new jobs and economic prosperity, infrastructure to support growth and workforce housing.

You likely have heard that that this replacement sales tax would go in effect after a current sales tax ceases January 1, 2023 — so the sales tax rate remains the same in the Riley County portion of Manhattan.   Because this is a city-wide sales tax, the commercial/retail areas located in Pottawatomie County will also be covered and will help generate additional funds over the next 10 years until this sales tax sunsets.

If you’re looking for more details about this community development initiative, you will find great information on the City of Manhattan website at www.cityofmhk.com.

In addition to casting your vote, if you’re interested in getting involved to support this initiative, you’ll find ways you can do so by visiting www.advancemhk.com.  Developed by a group of your fellow citizens and neighbors, this website is designed to share information and also provide opportunities for participation in spreading the word about this significant community decision.

One more note about the ballot question: it will be at the end of a jam-packed ballot full of decisions — and I hate to admit it — but there have been times I have been surprised by a referendum question.   So I wanted to share it in this letter to help ensure you’ve had a chance to preview it …   

“Shall a retailers’ sales tax in the amount of one-half of one percent (0.5%) be levied within the city limits of Manhattan, Kansas, for the purposes of stimulating recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and reducing the ad valorem property tax burden on City taxpayers; to achieve such purposes, the revenue from the additional tax shall be used as follows: I. approximately 70% of the funds shall pay for outstanding city debt and the costs related to public infrastructure; II. approximately 20% of the funds shall pay for job creation, recruitment or retention initiatives; and, III. approximately 10% of the funds shall pay for workforce housing initiatives. With the means and methods to accomplish said purposes to be determined in the sole discretion of the Governing Body of the City; such additional tax, levied pursuant to K.S.A. 12-187, if approved by a majority of the electors voting thereon, to take effect January 1, 2023, or as soon as thereafter as permitted by law and notice requirements allow, and to expire ten years from the date the tax is first collected?”

I sure hope you will join me in voting YES for MHK’s success! 

Stacy Kohlmeier,

3446 Vanesta Drive

Hawk a responsive, helpful senator

To the editor:

I strongly support Tom Hawk for re-election to the Kansas Senate.  When my family was having difficulty dealing with a government agency,  he quickly responded to a plea for help and assisted in resolving the issue.  I feel he is responsive and very helpful to his constituents, and represents the 22nd district well.

Tom Shields,

4123 Berkshire Circle

UUFM believes in dignity of each human being

To the editor:

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Manhattan (UUFM) believes in the worth and dignity of each human being We believe all people on earth have an equal claim to life, liberty and justice and no idea, ideal or philosophy is superior to a single human life.

In light of the injustices we see in this nation, the UUFM Racial Justice Team supports the Black Lives Matter efforts – both nationally and locally.

Our team appreciates the actions by the K-State athletes in displaying their support for BLM. They should be commended for taking a stand and speaking out on these issues.

Racial Justice Team of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Manhattan

Anne Cowan,

415 N Juliette Ave.

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