COVID death tolls is like four daily plane crashes with no survivors

To the editor:

The first reported death in the United States from COVID-19 was on Feb. 6, 2020. Since then, 279 unimaginably tragic days have passed and the baleful microbe has claimed over 240,000 American lives. Dare to average that out and the calculator will cite that 860 people have died each day. To put that number in perspective, a Boeing 737 carries 189 passengers. If four crashed daily with no survivors, there would still be 104 less casualties than those attributed to the coronavirus. Even so, nobody would want to board a Boeing 737 because of the rational fear that they would be one of the unlucky ones. As a husband and a father, I am terrified of the coronavirus. That fear keeps me away from my parents, isolated from friends, and covers my face with a mask. I wish more Americans would view the unpleasant emotion as a necessary motivator, not a character flaw.

Andrew Ginsburg

Southport, Connecticut

Pott County Courthouse to be a holiday attraction

To the editor:

Historic Pottawatomie County Courthouse once again is lit for the holidays through a collaborative effort from the State Historical Society, the County Commissioners, the Administrative Department, Public Works Maintenance and generous donations from a local business, Westmoreland Area Chamber, Citizens for Courthouse Conservation and citizens of Westmoreland and Pottawatomie County.

A photo is on Facebook. But to truly appreciate the awesomeness of your Pottawatomie County Courthouse, drive to Westmoreland during the holidays and make it an evening to visit other communities in our large, diverse, growing county.

Dorothy Campbell


You’re going to miss him when he’s gone

To the editor:

You’re going to miss him, you just don’t know it yet.

Well, maybe you won’t actually miss him, but you’re going to miss talking about him endlessly with only your closest friends (and never mentioning him with others). And you’re going to miss listening to the ideologues on your favorite tribal TV channel either adoring or loathing him.

For four long years, Donald Trump has captured the minds of Americans as only as a deranged and evil protagonist like Jack Nicholson can do. Certainly the harm and cruelty of the past four years has damaged our nation for years to come. But he’s provided us and the talking heads of tribal TV with a lot to yack about.

When Joe Biden takes over, both the adores and the loathers on cable TV will be lost for something to talk about. It’s hard to imagine what Fox News will now do.

Just as Richard Nixon said to the press in 1962 when defeated in the California gubernatorial race, “You’ve had a lot of fun… but you won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore.” Now we won’t have Donald Trump to kick around anymore.

Ned Gatewood

2921 Tatarrax Drive

Nebraska youth seeks Kansas info

To the editor:

My name is Brayden. I’m writing to the community of Manhattan. I am a fifth-grader at Lakeview Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska. I have decided to research Kansas for a report in class. I think your state is very interesting and I am excited to begin my research!

I am writing to see if you have any materials such as pictures, brochures, or artifacts that represent your state that you can send me to help with my research. I would appreciate anything you can send me to help me further my understanding of the state and the people who live in it. Thank you for helping to make my class project special!

Sincerely, Brayden

Lakeview Elementary

300 Capitol Beach Blvd.

Lincoln, NE 68528

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