Shame on Roger Marshall for election vote

To the editor:

Good grief!! What have we done? Elected a man to the United States Senate, who at a time of a global pandemic and major national distress, can only think of once again counting election results that have already been pronounced valid two times by the United States Supreme Court.

Shame on you Senator Roger Marshall, but even more, shame on us, Kansas voters.

Ellie Lamb

3014 Sunnyside Drive

Saving man from death row was a highlight

To the editor:

It would be an interesting column if The Mercury had a column called “My favorite experience” in which readers wrote their favorite bit of living.

My favorite would be called: “Saving Jack.”

Jack was a thrown-away baby, found in a Dumpster. The state shoved him from uncaring institute to another. When he was 18, the state dumped him on the street.

He was quickly taken over by ones bent on exploiting him for profit in a scheme gone wrong. He was wrongly charged with murder, represented by an uncaring attorney, and sentenced to death four months later.

The caring guards on death row told the caring priest (my friend, whom I helped) about the abandoned child on death row, waiting to be hanged.

Suffice to say the priest visited Jack and told him of the priest’s caring and the caring of his secretary, Helen.

Jack gave permission for us to try to save him. He had two people who loved him. His sentence was commuted less than an hour before he was to be hanged.

Saving Jack was my favorite thing.

Helen Roser

2121 Meadowlark Road

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