Kansas leaders shouldn’t be so buddy-buddy with Missouri

Remember when Missourians used to come to Kansas to kill our citizens because they hated that our people supported freedom.

Remember when they crawled and slithered out on their bellies from the Big 12? Now, we’re apparently all buddy-buddy with senators Hawley and Marshall seeking to throw out millions upon millions of votes because they didn’t like how people in other states voted. Isn’t it great how much we’ve progressed since the Civil War.

I wasn’t alive back then, but I do know which side I would have fought for! I can’t imagine a worse nightmare than having a Kansas senator kissing the arse of a seditious traitor, but that is how it is.

Mike Sekal

2020 Meadowlark Road

Berggren’s art and his many students a legacy of a life well-lived

I was very saddened to hear of the death of Maury (Maurice) Berggren of COVID-19 on Jan. 2.

Mr. Berggren, as I shall always call him, was my art teacher at MHS in the mid ‘60s. He was just beginning his teaching career at the time, and he went on to inspire MHS students for nearly 30 years with his love of art and his ability to find the potential in his students and to help their talent to grow. He often saw something in mundane objects that others passed by without a glance, and in his hands it became something beautiful.

“What wonderful times we had in the art room!” he exclaimed in a phone call with me in 2019. He immediately named my classmates of more than 50 years ago, and we reminisced about those good times. Wonderful times, indeed, Mr. Berggren! We, your many students, are your legacy, as is your marvelous stained glass and other beautiful art that you created in a life well-lived.

My condolences to the Berggren family.

Marilyn Cathcart,

St. Louis, Missouri

MHS Class of 1965

Would Manson’s acts have been protected by First Amendment?

For those old enough to remember Charles Manson, I have a question. Let’s say Manson had used appearances on cable news talk shows to recruit new “family” members to his compound, then used the same talk shows to convince his “family” that Hollywood elites and non-white people were the enemy of the State. Only he, the second coming of Christ, could “save the world”. Then Manson used his twitter account to organize his “family” into a “movement” to eliminate anyone who opposed them. On the day of the murders, he held a big public rally to announce the family’s plan to commit the murders and posted videos of the “family” pumping their fists and cheering as the murders were being carried out. After the murders, he posted a video on Twitter telling the murderers “We love you. You’re very special.”

My question is this. If Manson had done everything from beginning to end in plain sight, instead of from the secrecy of his secluded compound, would he and all those who helped him along the way still have been guilty of crimes or would their actions have been protected by the First Amendment’s right to Free Speech?

Rod Holub

8874 Glendale Circle

Instead of paying IRS, taxpayers should share money with people in need

American citizens have witnessed the mental and emotional stress on our politicians in determining a stimulus package. I had a thought that would ease their pain and unify and help those in need. What if, taxpayers, instead of paying the IRS, shared the amount due with family, friends, and small businesses that are struggling? This would relieve the overwhelmed IRS of an influx of payments. It would eliminate the cost of printing stimulus checks, addressing envelopes, and delivery. And, it would free up the politicians to address important issues that face our country. I would gladly distribute my tax dollars to those in need at no cost to the government.

Pamela White


‘Desperate Donald’s Downfall’

There once was a liar named Donald Trump

Who was tossed out like old worthless junk.

“Get out — you’re fired!”, we the people said,

Having had enough of him in Putin’s bed.

Herd immunity was Trump’s murderous plan,

To do nothing but laugh at dead Americans.

While Russian hackers steal our information,

Traitor Trump went on a permanent vacation.

Playing golf at his country clubs non-stop,

The laziness of this loser is over-the-top!

WWII ended with Hitler hiding in a bunker,

And Trump is in a sand trap trying to hunker.

Fascist criminals deserve only one fate.

No mercy for those who spread racist hate.

The neo-Nazi GOP just loves Don the con.

Liar liar, pants on fire! Don’s no James Bond.

Trump is a traitor. That is perfectly clear.

January 20th: Biden-Harris are almost here.

Trump the chump will first flee to West Palm,

Then off to Moscow he’ll run — get lost, Don!

Beg for assistance from Vladimir once again.

The Orange Emperor is defeated. THE END.

Jake Pickering

Arcata, California

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