Marshall, Mann not worthy of the offices they hold

Like the rest of the country and world, I watched in horror as domestic terrorists attempted a coup against the certification of legally cast state electors for president over false claims of fraud. Having lived in D.C. previously, my horror at the Insurrection that occurred at our Capitol on Jan. 6 cut particularly deep.

I awoke the next day encouraged to see that President Biden was confirmed and that democracy prevailed. However, I won’t remain silent to the fact that my congressional representatives: Congressman Tracey Mann and Sen. Roger Marshall attempted to overturn the results of this election with their objection to Arizona and Pennsylvania’s electors. Conveniently, Sen. Marshall’s office did not answer my phone call to explain his decision to meddle in another state’s elections and his voicemail was full. However, staffers for Congressman Mann informed me that his actions were acceptable because ultimately, Arizona and Pennsylvania’s electors were accepted.

Repeat that slowly: congressional representatives for all Kansas voters believe they should not be faulted for their role in an attempted coup because the coup was unsuccessful. To have entertained this objection at any point is disturbing and indicative of a loyalty to political party over patriotic duty.

But to proceed with these objections after the sedition we witnessed in the hallowed halls of the People’s House is a special form of depravity. These men have chosen political expediency over true honor and conviction and they are not worthy of the offices they hold.

Candice Wilson

124 North Dartmouth Drive

’Moment of reckoning’ missed one thing

You left out one very, very important element (in Thursday’s editorial): Trump did not create the conditions that led to his rise.

The Republican party created those conditions — and encouraged the “base” that became Trump’s cult. Trump never led that base. He followed it.

Ricky-Dale Calhoun

Cadiz, Kentucky

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