Let’s not invite BYU to join Big 12

It’s time to grab your muskets to more rigorously defend “traditional marriage.” That was the message of Jeffry R Holland, LDS apostle, to the faculty and staff at BYU on August 23, 2021. In his speech at BYU he decried using inclusive language, LGBTQI+ flags and symbols, and gatherings in support of LGBTQI+ rights as being “divisive.”

He chastised a former valedictorian and commencement speaker for “commandeering” the graduation ceremony by coming out during his speech. Quoting another church leader, he asked for more “musket fire” from the faculty to defend the church and their discriminatory ideals.

This, from an institution (BYU) that bans LGBTQI+ students, staff, and faculty from showing physical affection in public (kissing, holding hands), dating, living together, or marrying or risk being kicked out of school or fired (see BYU honor code: honorcode.byu.edu). BYU and its policies of exclusion, discrimination, and marginalization have no place in the Big 12. Yes, we already have Baylor, who has a similar “code of conduct,” but let’s not let a mistake of 25 years ago give cover to a mistake today.

Let’s not provide BYU a larger platform to spread their discriminatory ideology. Let’s give a clear message to our LGBTQI+ students, staff, faculty and all of the K-State community that we stand up for human rights and equality — even when there is money to be had. President Myers, please vote no on discrimination, vote no on hate, vote No on BYU.

Jared Anderson

1714 Houston St.

Great job in Texas, Wildcat family!

High compliments to Wildcat Nation for the showing last Saturday in Texas. K-State fans were numerous, loud, and proud. The marching band presented an outstanding halftime show, and the cheer squad and Classy Cats were excellent as usual. Thanks to the team and Coach Klieman for a dominating win on the field, and to all the K-State staff who pulled everything together. Those K-State videos looked great on the 60-yard jumbotron. Well done!

Ron Wilson

2103 Zeandale Road

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