Editor's note: The following is a paid political letter.

Hawk the most qualified candidate

To the editor:

Tom Hawk, a resident of Manhattan, Kansas, for more than 50 years, is the most qualified candidate to represent our 22nd district in the Kansas Senate. He played a major role in restoring the funding to Kansas State lost during the Brownback administration and helped alter the lottery budget to provide increased funding for veterans. Tom knows how to work across the aisle because he helped fund a bi-partisan bill for autism with Republican Senator Rob Olson.

His opponent, a third-generation permanent resident of Jackson county (near Holton), lives in a farm home (out of our district) that has been in his family since 1946. Although he is employed with a Manhattan-based charitable organization, I don’t believe he has the experience that Tom brings to the table to represent the interests of citizens living in Riley, Clay, and Geary counties. I hope you’ll vote to keep Tom in the senate.

Larry Weigel,

1809 Kingwood Drive

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