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Sales tax will help Manhattan provide jobs, good quality of life

To the editor:

The Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to have been at the forefront of developing opportunities for economic prosperity for Manhattan residents. We have a long history of supporting some of the largest endeavors in this community’s history, endeavors that continue to be the focal point of growth and quality of life for Manhattan to this day.

On Aug. 18, our Board of Directors voted to support the Nov. 3 ballot question for the City of Manhattan. The funds generated will help create new jobs and economic prosperity, key growth infrastructure and workforce housing as well as helping keep debt in check. The Chamber supports all these initiatives.

Additionally, we can’t think of a more important time to invest in recovery. COVID-19 has hurt our community and can hurt it further. The passage of a sales tax in November will create opportunities to assist in recovery. Because of the availability of funds from previous economic development sales tax initiative, we were able to help nearly 100 small businesses stay open during initial COVID closures when other state and federal assistance was weeks away. We may face additional challenges that require resources soon.

In polling this summer, we saw strong support for both asking voters to approve a sales tax collected throughout the entire city of Manhattan, as well as designated proceeds for tax reduction, infrastructure, and job creation. We also know there is strong support for housing, which is a primary component of attracting a skilled workforce.

Additionally, polling showed that while Manhattan residents are generally pleased with their community’s leadership and quality of life, they are concerned about job opportunities. We believe strongly that the ongoing implementation of Region Reimagined will enhance job opportunities and help us maintain the kind of community that we want. The passage of this issue is critical to continue to move forward these initiatives.

We are pleased to support this initiative and encourage residents to vote yes for jobs.


Larie Schoap,

2020 Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce Board Chair

Trump is no Ike; vote for Biden

To the editor:

I recently completed reading the book "How Ike Led," written by Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of Dwight D. (Ike) Eisenhower, 34th president of the United States. Susan has served as a consultant, speaker, and scholar on International Affairs in Washington, D.C. This book integrates her research on Eisenhower’s family background, his actions directing Allied forces to victory in Europe, and eight years as president.

Most important this writing captures the principles, attitudes, and actions that guided Ike as the key leader of the United State during this crucial period of our history. She states that his leadership was based upon making decisions using best information and expertise available, objectivity in viewing all sides of an issue, appreciation of the differences considering the diversity of the population, avoidance of promoting staff based upon cronyism rather than expertise, honest communication of decisions including admitting mistakes, and recognition that any action has practical implications that may not seem popular to biased interests.

The author’s final statement compares Eisenhower’s qualities to current president, Donald Trump. She concludes Trump lacks reliance on knowledgeable inputs, harbors pettiness and objectivity, and shows incessant self-aggrandizement. As a reader it makes clear the importance to avoid choice based upon political party and the influence of inflammatory rhetoric. Instead citizens need to carefully evaluate the character, values, objective decision-making, and integrity of the individual. Donald Trump does not measure up! The future of this democracy depends upon the integrity of our leader, I will vote for Joe Biden!

Fred Newton,

5760 Pheasant Ridge Road

Cheryl Arthur will listen, work well with others

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage my fellow Kansans to vote for Cheryl Arthur for Kansas House seat District 67. Cheryl will provide one of the two votes needed to expand Kansas Medicaid. Due to the pandemic, the State of Kansas, along with other states, will face a financial shortfall in 2020 tax revenues. No federal money is coming to bail Kansas or other states out of this predicament. What are our Kansas values?

Manhattan is a town based on education and the military. Other communities look at the state budget and want to cut education expenditures. But our colleges are the engines for future business and growth in Kansas. We need someone who will fight those cuts. Cheryl Arthur understands this town and surrounding communities.

In this election, we don’t need a commander or a top-down leader. We need someone who listens to us and works well with others. We need to get through the next few years. We need the influx of funds that will come from the U.S. Government with Medicaid expansion. Before November 3, I encourage you to vote for Cheryl Arthur for House District 67.

Karen Hawes,

777 Midland Ave.

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