Thank you, Manhattan for opportunity to serve

To the editor:

Citizens of Manhattan, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity I was given to serve Manhattan. I had long sought an opportunity for community service, but my 37 years in the military and work travel for the next 11 years, did not allow that kind of service.

The opportunity to be a city commissioner and mayor has enabled me to learn more about the City and meet many fine people. I have enjoyed working with the other city commissioners. Although we all have different backgrounds and have different approaches, we have worked well together for the betterment of Manhattan. We have good relationships with our local representatives in Topeka who are working hard for us. It has been particularly rewarding to work with the many dedicated members of the City Staff and Departments. They work very hard on your behalf. I must give special recognition to our Firemen, EMTs, and the RCPD. We are very fortunate to have such dedicated public servants.

I appreciate those who have served on our many city boards and committees. The city’s business could not be done without these great volunteers. I have had the opportunity to work with many of our volunteers, civic groups and agencies and have gained an increased respect for those who provide services for those in the community who are in need to assistance.

Manhattan is a great city and we have many unique resources that will assure a strong future. Chief among them are the strong partnerships with KSU and Fort Riley. Add to this the Chamber of Commerce and our business men and women and we have a winning combination.

We have assets that provide great potential for our future. I would highlight NBAF, the airport, our growth as a food science center, KSU and the KSU Foundation, the revitalization of Aggieville, and a new emphasis on Economic Development across the region.

We do have challenges, but we have the talent and the will to work through them. Manhattan will continue be a strong and welcoming city for all of our citizens.

I look forward to other opportunities to serve.

Mike Dodson

4109 Wellington Drive

Join the Good Shepherd Flock

To the editor:

The Flock of the Good Shepherd was established 10 years ago to provide special extras for the Good Shepherd Hospice House, 3801 Vanesta Drive in Manhattan. Little touches can enhance a room, a garden — even our lives. Often it is these little touches are most celebrated.

For the clients, families and friends who find themselves on a hospice journey, the Flock provides these special touches to make that journey as warm and comfortable as possible. Committee members decorate the house — both for everyday and seasonally. Flock volunteers use their culinary skills to have a family meal ready if needed, and to make holiday dinners.

As we look forward to a new decade, we also look back at all that has been accomplished. A few items that the Flock has provided include lift chairs, smart TVs, shade trees, kitchenware, a snow blower and a storage shed. The fund is also used during the year to provide practical needs such as replacement linens for the patient beds.

For the low price of $25 you can become a member of the Flock of the Good Shepherd! Philanthropic groups can be group members for $100. We hope you will renew or start a new membership!

Payment can be on line at Or mail your check to 3801 Vanesta Drive, Manhattan KS 66503. Make a note that this for the Flock.

If you have not yet visited the Good Shepherd Hospice House, the staff would love to give you or your group a tour. Simply call 785-537-0688 to set up an appointment.

Mary Vanier,


Board of Trustees Homecare & Hospice Foundation

3801 Vanesta Drive

Nancy Parker,

Membership Chair,

Flock of the Good Shepherd

1604 Barrington Drive

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