Journalists should institute bar-like system for accountability

To the editor:

When I asked my grandson, Dylan, who knows much more about social media than I, about fake news, he wrote, “My solution to this bias that exists in our media conglomerates, without treading on our First Amendment, is to institute a ‘bar-like’ system in journalism. Everyone has the freedom to post or print an opinion as long as it is labeled as an opinion in a very clear way. The other parts of a newspaper or online site would have to be dedicated to a factual representation of the news.

“There can be fact-only outlets, opinion-only outlets, or a mix between the two. If there are opinion pieces dealing with politics, they should be labeled as to what party they support. If any journalist reports something using false facts or opinions on a fact piece, or otherwise violates journalistic ethics (defamation, slander, libel, etc.) they must go before a panel of fellow journalists where, if found guilty, they can have their credentials taken away or be made to pay punitive damages.

“This is all operational under the laws already on the books regarding what journalists can and cannot do under the First Amendment, but it provides a non-governmental enforcer. If lawyers violate their ethical duties or break the law, they can be stripped of their ability to practice law by an authority of their peers. Why should it be any different for journalists who are, with increasing impunity, crossing into ethical and legal grey areas, which have proven to have divided this country?”

Don McCullough

1604 Denholm

Thanks to all who helped support our troops

To the editor:

Thanks to all of those across the Manhattan community who have been a part of providing candy, cookies and many other goodies for the Fort Riley deployment ceremonies. The outpouring of support by PEOs, DAR, church, social and neighborhood groups and businesses has been heartwarming.

The Lady Troopers have been providing this table of goodies beginning with Desert Storm in 1990, and have been at every deployment and homecoming ceremony since.

Most I have talked with want to help support our troops, but just do not know how. Providing these treats is a great way to demonstrate to the soldiers that the community genuinely cares for them.

It is very rewarding to see the smiles on these young soldiers’ faces and hear the comments they make when they receive the treats that we provide for them. This little touch of home is very meaningful to them and they genuinely appreciate knowing that you care and support them. My heartfelt thanks to each of you for your generosity.

Diane Dodson

4109 Wellington Drive

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