Heavy rains and saturated soil this week led to Wildcat Creek hitting moderate flood stage on Wednesday.

That combined with the rising water levels at Tuttle Creek understandably have many people concerned about the possibility of more extensive flooding to come.

It’s been about eight months since flooding on Labor Day caused major damage to homes and businesses near Wildcat Creek. Some people are still displaced from that event. Some businesses never reopened.

We don’t think it’s reasonable to expect an all-encompassing solution in that amount of time, but if you need any more proof that it’s going to happen again, we have it: it’s happening now.

Are we just going to accept that we’re a city that has floods? We don’t believe that’s an option.

Are we going to do something about it? So far, what’s been done is primarily talking, planning. The city has bought out a few properties most likely to be flooded repeatedly. But it’s going to take more than that. Much more.

There have been interim efforts, but when you get right down to it, nothing’s been done. And so for the time being, people are nervous — and rightfully so — every time there’s a heavy rain.

We need leadership. We need decisions. We hope our local officials will provide those things.

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