Dear Editor,

Now that Greg Hoyt is retiring, I felt a thank you is needed for what he accomplished for students in USD 383. I worked with Greg at Eisenhower Middle School for many years and we were in many IEPs together.

During those meetings, Greg was thoughtful and kind to parents and students alike. Greg didn’t profess to be an expert but listened to their concerns to make sure students were placed in the advanced math classes they needed. He wanted all students to be challenged and not become student aides. I saw Greg comfort parents who were emotionally spent, and he was there to listen, not to talk about himself.

At Eisenhower, Greg was the driving force to start academic clubs and teams. He and I started Scholars Bowl at EMS, which then led to one at Anthony Middle School. He also put the Academic Awards ceremony in place where students received their awards by individual teachers so parents and students felt their hard work was truly recognized.

The ceremony may have seemed long, but this was a night for students' academic achievements for the year. I also started Model UN with his help and was able to include AMS which expanded to the high school and is now a 7-12 activity.

When Greg informed us at EMS he was moving to the high school, we were devastated but knew he’d be an asset there. He was a true asset to EMS, which USD 383 won’t have again.

Charma Craven

6226 Sparrow Lane

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