It’s still early to pass judgment, but we have to say that a proposed apartment complex and hotel on Anderson Avenue has an uphill battle ahead of it.

What’s being proposed is a 725-bed apartment complex, plus a 125-room hotel, all on a lot at 1445 Anderson, between 14th and 16th streets. The plan also includes a 378-stall parking garage, rooftop deck, pool, gym and basketball court.

In many ways, it sounds terrific, and it is of course targeted to serve the people who either visit here or live here in some way connected to the university.

The problem is just cramming all that onto 21/2 acres, and not overloading the surrounding area with cars and traffic.

Three hundred seventy-eight parking spots are going to be woefully short, even just for the apartment complex. As the manager of the neighboring Holiday Inn said, the overflow will almost certainly spill into her lot. Dozens of people showed up at a neighborhood meeting last week to express their concerns, and we’re sure there’s more where that came from.

That area of town already has a chronic parking problem, which is why city leaders are talking about adding parking garages in Aggieville. The university is notoriously short, even with the garage it built in front of the Union several years ago.

We don’t want to bury the project before it even has a formal hearing. Development of a project of that sort is generally a good thing, and we want to encourage it. Creating parking and traffic issues is an unavoidable offshoot of development, and obviously people want to be close to the university. So in many ways you should anticipate more issues of this sort.

Let’s give the developer a chance. But let’s also make sure this really is the best location for this sort of project.

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