Greg Hoyt has done it all at Manhattan High School, and he’s done it all well.

He grew up here and graduated from MHS. He was a star as a student and a leader of the varsity football team. After college, he took a job as a math teacher and excelled at that, then rose quickly into administration, where he was a very highly regarded principal at Eisenhower Middle School.

He’s been the principal at Manhattan High since 2014; he announced late last week that he’ll retire at the end of the next school year, July 1, 2019.

We want to tip our cap to him, because he’s done an outstanding job. MHS continues to win awards for the quality of student performance, and it continues to succeed in many other ways. That’s mostly due to students and parents, of course, but no institution performs well without good leadership, and Mr. Hoyt has provided that.

Being the principal of a 6A high school in 2018 is a 24-7 job; you’re expected to be at the school or at extracurricular events all the time, all over the state, and you’re expected to respond to social-media goings-on immediately, whenever they occur. Somehow those expectations have gotten out of whack; Mr. Hoyt has managed to deal with all of them effectively, and that is to his great credit.

He also guided the school in the years immediately following its expansion, dealing with the issues of new facilities and the programs that filled them. That expansion and renovation has given the high school a new life; now it appears that the school district wants to expand it again so as to be able to include the ninth-graders there, rather than housing them in a separate building.

That will be the next principal’s project. It’s unfortunate, in some ways, that Mr. Hoyt, 53, won’t be around to lead that process. But certainly he has earned the right to decide what to do. And of course he’ll be around for the next year, which will help set a path forward.

We hope Mr. Hoyt and his wife, Leslie, stay around town. They’ve both been a credit to Manhattan, and we wish them well.

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