Say what you will about Manhattan, but this is a place that cares about people — even drunks.

During a discussion of how to handle improvements to a portion of 12th Street in Aggieville this week, city commissioner Mark Hatesohl quipped that he liked the idea of a curbless sidewalk with brick pavers. “I like that people stumbling out of places in Aggieville won’t have to fall off a curb. They’ll just slide right down.”

Dr. Hatesohl was mostly joking of course, and so are we. The plan for 12th street has more virtues than a lack of tripping hazards for inebriated folks.

The commission dicsussed options Tuesday for the portion of 12th Street north of Moro Street in Aggieville. That’s basically the street between Tanner’s and So Long/Saloon Taco Lucha.

The city will still have two-way traffic there, but it’s incorporating some elements we think will make it more attractive, such as shade structures, benches, trees, space for outdoor dining and string lights.

The main thing commissioners had to decide was whether to go with a traditional sidewalk/street setup or to put brick-style pavers all the way across, with planters to separate the sidewalk and street.

They went with the latter, which will make it easy for Aggieville to close down that part of the street for events. When it does, it will have an attractive plaza feel.

We like this idea, which seems to have the best of both worlds: people can still drive through Aggieville, but it will still have a special look and feel with easy transition for special events.

This is just one decision city officials are making as it considers major overall improvements throughout Aggieville. They’re planning to close the portion of Aggieville just south of Moro (to Laramie Street) to make it a full-time pedestrian plaza. So it makes sense to give the adjacent street a complimentary look.

We think the commission made the right call on this one.

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