The city commission has spoken, and there will be no expansion of the disc golf course at Warner Park.

That’s the bad news for people who wanted an 18-hole course, but there’s good news, too: the commission is supportive of putting a course somewhere else.

In a raucous work session on Tuesday in which people on both sides voiced their opinions, commissioners informally nixed the proposal to expand the Warner Park course.

Opponents said they wanted to preserve the relatively natural green space and thought that the game could be a safety concern for other park users.

Supporters said the sport is popular and would draw people to the park. They said an 18-hole course would even attract tournaments, which would be good for the city.

We’re in favor of people getting out and using our local parks; that’s the reason they exist. And we have some reservations that many of the people who oppose the disc golf course are homeowners whose lots are adjacent to the park.

The park may be figuratively in their back yard, but literally, it doesn’t belong to them.

Still, it seems clear that there was enough opposition to make the decision easy for commissioners. That proposal was sort of a square peg in a round hole. Fortunately, in a spirit of compromise, city officials seem willing to explore putting an 18-hole course somewhere else.

City administrators in November had explored 10 possible locations for a disc golf course and recommended Warner Park.

They’ll now look at the other locations — and possibly even talk to Pottawatomie County about building a course there. We hope they can find a suitable spot that will make everyone happy.

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