Lots of signs of progress at K-State.

Perhaps you read earlier this week that the state Board of Regents approved spending $16 million to renovate the Derby Dining Center. That will be a big improvement in the lives of many students at Kansas State University.

Derby is the dining hall that serves the dorms near the intersection of Claflin and North Manhattan avenues. Those include Haymaker, Ford, West and Moore halls. It serves more than 2,000 students per day during the week.

The other big dining facility on campus — Kramer — was redone recently along with the opening of Wefald Hall. That’s the newest dorm, on Denison near its intersection with Claflin. It’s a top-notch dining facility. If you haven’t dropped by lately, you ought to, just for a look.

Derby was built in 1966, and it’s due for an upgrade. The project that’s teed up will create more dining venues and allow students to see all their options. It will also fix the guts of the building — HVAC, electrical, mechanical and plumbing. The kitchen will remain open, and construction will be coordinated with school breaks, officials said.

Meanwhile, the regents approved spending $8 million to upgrade Mosier Hall at the vet school, and $6 million on upgrades at McCain Auditorium. The latter project is funded by private donors, and will renovate and expand the lobby, among other things.

These are substantial projects, and they’re certainly welcome here. We’re grateful to the donors, the university officials and the Board of Regents members who have made them happen. We look forward to their completion.

We might sound like a broken record here, but it’s worth remembering: Manhattan is a college town. If students don’t want to come to school here, we’re in serious trouble.

The kinds of improvements that have just been approved will continue to make K-State — and Manhattan — the kind of place students will want to come.

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