One of the drawbacks of cheering for a Super Bowl-winning football team is that you tend to get drawn into lots of television coverage. Can’t get enough Chiefs, you know.

The game was good enough, although listening to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman is not my preferred pastime. It’s all the other stuff: The on-field postgame. The press conferences. The parade. The rally.

Lots of dead air time between actual conversations with, say, Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce — who mostly just yelled really loud.

My problem with television coverage is that it involves people running their mouths, generally with little regard for logic, and even less for the language. I’m talking about the people employed by the station, trying to fill the air.

Look, I hate to be this way. Blame my parents: My mom is by nature an English teacher, and my dad is a professional curmudgeon. So I come by this stuff honestly.

The thing that really got under my skin in the past week or so is the way the talking heads kept yammering on about the future. I don’t have a direct quote, and I’m not even sure which of the channels I was watching. But in essence, the yammerers kept saying things like about Patrick Mahomes about how this was “probably the first of many” Super Bowl titles that he would win with the Chiefs.


That is not true. There is no way any person with any sense of logic could contend that Mahomes will “probably” win many more Super Bowls.

Twelve quarterbacks in the history of the NFL have won multiple Super Bowls. This list does NOT include Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers, two QB’s I would personally compare most closely Mahomes. They’ve each won one.

At the top of the list: Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Tom Brady, each with 4 Super Bowls.

But we’re talking 12 quarterbacks. Ever. Among those who never won a Super Bowl: Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Fran Tarkenton and Warren Moon. Fourteen TEAMS have never won a Super Bowl.

Could Mahomes win another? Yes, of course he could. He could win 10. I mean, he’s only in his second year in the league, and he has a solid franchise and an excellent coach, and a talented group of players around him.

He’s freakishly gifted, physically, and — as I’ve said here before — he has the crucial mental framework. For Mahomes, the answer is always yes.

Anything is possible.

Is it likely? No, not at all. That’s not to undercut Mahomes or the Chiefs. But there are a bunch of other professional football players out there also trying to win the trophy, and teams adjust, and life moves on.

Saying that he’ll probably win a bunch more Super Bowls undercuts how special it is to win just one. The run that the Chiefs had in the playoffs is legendary stuff, the kind of thing that happens once in a lifetime. The fact that, statistically speaking, there was a 96 percent chance that they would lose when they were down 20-10 and facing a 3rd-and-15 on the wrong side of the field, speaks to how spectacular and improbable the comeback was.

Let’s emphasize that. Let’s think logically about how incredibly rare that sort of moment really is, and just relish it.

To say it’s probably the first of many is not only fundamentally false, it cheapens it a little. It is extremely special, and that’s enough.

Ned Seaton is The Mercury’s publisher and editor-in-chief.

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