Now that the holidays are over but the days are still pretty short, I find it’s easy to feel a little blue. Getting cooped up in the cold and the dark makes for a long, dull season, and I’m already waiting for longer, warmer days.

I struggle with that “cabin fever” feeling during this time of year, but I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to remedy that.

Winter has its charms, too. If you’re like me and get down during the winter, here are some ideas to make the rest of the season a little more cheerful.

Ice skate

The City of Manhattan opens an ice-skating rink in City Park every year. I went skating fairly frequently as a kid, and I still think it’s fun. I don’t ice skate often anymore, but I find I can still pick it back up after a little bit.

Dress warmly and be cautious so you can avoid too many falls. Your feet might be a little sore afterward, but skating is a good way to get some physical activity when it’s hard to go outside.


Shopping is another way to get out of the house when you might be feeling a little cabin fever. Districts like Downtown Manhattan and Aggieville offer several shops closer to each other, so you don’t have to spend too much time outside when going from store to store. At Manhattan Town Center, you can go from store to store without going outside at all.

Basically, going to any store in town, even the grocery store, and browsing around for a bit is one way to stay stimulated when it’s dreary out.


If you’re stuck inside, maybe you have the time to make something. There are all kinds of ideas online for crafts to make with items you might already have sitting around. Or you can pick up a kit at some stores around town that provide with you with materials.

Clear off some space on the table and get to creating.

Go to the library

Reading a book while cozy at home is a great winter activity, but if you’re looking for a change of scenery, try a visit to Manhattan Public Library. Pick a book off a shelf and spend some time lounging in one of the library’s chairs with it.

If you have a library card, you can even take home some movies for my next idea.

Movie night

Sometimes you just have to lean into the cold and dark and cozy up for a movie night. Bundle up with some blankets and hot chocolate or tea and curate your own movie marathon.

I like to pick two or three movies that go together and watch them one after another. Maybe I’ll pick three Disney movies or two musicals.

I also tend to pair this with a meal I know I’ll enjoy, usually pizza. If it’s difficult to get out of the house, at least you can make staying home extra enjoyable.

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