I have to disagree and dispute Jon Wefald on his statement that K-State was blessed by God when Bill Snyder became coach. K-State was really blessed by God when Jon Wefald became president of the university.

I have to respectfully disagree with Sunday's Letter From the Publisher ("Go figure: Hearing booms from an Army base"–Page A6). Your letter trivialized the noise from Fort Riley and its effects upon many of us who live in Manhattan.

We’re so excited to see K-State’s Hale Library prepare to open a portion of the building, the first it’s been able to open since a devastating fire in May 2018.

Ah, teachers. As a new school year starts, kids share horror stories about them and parents share gossip. There’s the teacher you wanted, the teacher you got and the teacher you needed.

Silently, carbon monoxide moved through our home last week during the night when the car was accidentally left running in the garage for several hours. Unbeknownst to us, the carbon monoxide had reached high levels which were in the "lethal range."

Heavy rain, flooding and erosion impact the health of soil. All of these have occurred this year. We desire beautiful and food producing plants growing from the soil. Corrections to the soil may be necessary to ensure plants respond the way we prefer.

It’s all well and good to notify people about noise from Fort Riley. But, I mean, come on. What’s next? Notifying people that marching-band noise might emanate from the corner of Kimball and College on fall Saturdays?

When on the move, it is always important to find the right pathway. Today we’ll learn about an organization which is helping local communities find the right pathways – in this case, toward healthier living.

One of the best things about observing Manhattan over the long haul is watching the success of people who come through here. Most are the kids who grow up here, go to the local schools, and go on to do remarkable things.

With the discussion of building even more apartments near Aggieville, yet again another issue is at the forefront of our community: affordable housing.

At the Aug. 5 Pottawatomie County commission meeting I presented a solution to the reasons a tour of and meeting in the historic Pott. County Courthouse and Old Jail was denied (pulling employees off their assigned jobs, turning on utilities).

For every election, we gather campaign finance reports of candidates in local races, which are an important public record. We typically share who raised the most money for a given race and who gave money to whom. We shared the reports for city commission candidates on Tuesday.

A few months ago I wrote an article pointing out the fact that Hard Red Winter wheat production in the United States is at a crossroads. I meant that planted acres in the U.S. are down, primarily because of economics.

The problem with having too many coffee table books is you don’t know if you need to buy another bookcase or another coffee table.

Shopping in the produce aisle can take time, if one stops to look and study all the fruits and vegetables on display. If only those fruits and vegetables could be packaged together – maybe even with a recipe to help my family use them. Today we’ll learn about an innovative program which is s…

Please mark your calendar for Aug. 28. The public is invited. Well-known and highly-regarded by schools across the U.S. for his inspiring and motivational messages, Nathan Harmon of YourLifeSpeaks, will present an impactful and relevant message on the topic of bullying prevention on Wed., Au…

The mass shootings in Ohio and Texas over the weekend bring up the usual issues about gun control and mental illness. We’d rather set those aside for the moment and talk about free speech and the internet.

Last weekend, I, along with about 20 other Kansans, traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with 2,000 of my fellow Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Students Demand Action volunteer leaders to learn more about how to prevent gun violence in our communities.

The new class of Riley County, K-State Research and Extension Master will begin in a little over a month from now. Classes start on Sept. 5 and go through Oct. 31. Over 300 community members have taken the course which spans eight Thursday sessions. Currently, 64 members reach out and teach …

The Urban Dictionary defines townie as someone who has lived in a small town for his or her entire life.

Could the extension service do for health what it has done for agriculture through the years? During the past century, American agriculture — with assistance from agricultural research and extension — has been transformed from subsistence farming to an agricultural system that is the envy of…

Ever notice how some children try to gain the attention and approval of an older bully by bullying or demeaning others in turn? It would appear that this depressing spectacle played out in Donald Trump’s inner circle last week. Who can forget the sight of candidate Trump mocking a disabled r…

The annual Riley County Fair ended Monday, and that meant the end of the all the fun things that go with it: the bright lights and exhilarated screams of the Ottawa Amusements carnival, and the excitement and belt-buckle-wearing pageantry of the Kaw Valley Rodeo.

I recently found a way to fuse a couple of my hobbies: movie-watching and drawing. For years, I’ve collected ticket stubs from all the movies I’ve seen, and after joining the AMC Stubs A-List program last year, the number has quickly added up. Collecting stubs was kind of a sentimental yet a…

Where do bibles and rifles connect? That unlikely combination can be found in the history of Kansas, and particularly in one historic rural community church. This church is continuing to serve its members and its historic legacy.

Dear Manhattan Mercury readers, I hope this greeting finds you looking forward to another productive fall in Manhappiness. My family and I moved away several years ago, but in the mail last week a letter reminded us what great people made our time there special.

I found this at the Visitor’s Center in the Eisenhower Park in Abilene and think it needs to be shared. It is an address President Eisenhower delivered before the American Society of Newspaper Editors on April 16, 1953:

Much of the conversation surrounding the congressional testimony Wednesday by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has to do with exactly how much blame to put on President Donald Trump. And of course, that’s kind of the whole reason for the proceedings: to find out exactly what Mr. Trump and his …