The recent weather is an example of why I like to grow plants in portable containers.

As we wander through our evenings, missing the movies, McCain, and sports, many of us turn to television “streaming.” We use streaming services to bring selected programs to our televisions.

When Kansas Territory was organized in 1854, women’s suffrage became immediately prominent as national leaders viewed newly-organized western territories and states as ideal battlegrounds for women’s rights in the United States. As Kansas entered the Union on Jan. 29, 1861, under the Wyandot…

Let’s go to a city council meeting. City council members are listening to a presentation about perceptions of their community. Is this presentation being made by an expensive consultant from halfway across the country? No, this presentation is being made by a local group whose average age is…

A friend sent me a video this week created by a New York City talk show host. The video showed an empty area outside a hospital in Brooklyn. It’s worth a discussion here, because it says a lot about the state of America in recent years -- but hopefully not anymore. I’ll get back to that.

A biochemistry professor at Kansas State University has exactly the right idea: Kansas should aggressively test as many people as possible for the coronavirus.

The numbers are starting to ramp up quickly in Kansas: 428 confirmed coronavirus cases on Tuesday, up 60 from the previous day. That increase included two additional cases in the Manhattan area.

Just when we most need a good American pastime, the baseball season has been postponed. In fact, the only sports on TV seem to be old ACC basketball games. Might as well watch wrestling.

Broccoli is good for you and will more likely get eaten when grown at home. Fortunately, everyone in our family will eat broccoli and cauliflower.

Most of you are aware of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) currently under construction just north of K-State’s campus. And many of you probably remember when Manhattan was selected in 2009 to be the home of this state-of-the-art laboratory. Providing a solid understanding of…

Do you like raspberry pie? I do. Today we’ll learn about a different kind of raspberry pie – the kind spelled P-I, as in the mathematical symbol. In this case, Raspberry Pi is the name of a type of computer used by students who are learning to do computer coding. This high-tech project is an…

We aren’t going to join the call for Marvin Rodriguez to resign from office. He’s doing a fine job of disqualifying himself from another term, and we trust voters will move him out in a few months.

Let’s hop on a transatlantic flight to London. A woman is placing a spinning wheel on the floor in front of her seat and will spin yarn while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The spinning wheel is a handmade, portable spinning wheel which was built by a pair of craftsmen in rural Kansas. These b…

I am blessed to have fertile soil. There are a bunch of seedlings that come up. Hundreds of Viburnums sprout up around my established shrubs. It seems tree seedlings that turn into saplings appear overnight. There is not enough space to leave them where they are growing. Transplanting is required.

There’s one basic guidepost that can help you think through almost everything about the coronavirus. It’s the same concept your parents probably taught you.

Pretty impressive news, when you think about it: Retail sales in Manhattan were up more than 4 percent during the holiday shopping period compared to the previous year.

“Invisible Man” is a suspense film, almost a slasher movie. But it also is related to the series of “tough women” films we’ve been seeing the last couple of years — movies in which female protagonists are willing to engage in violence to advance their own interests.

The stock market on Tuesday gyrated in an attempt to rally from its recent slide. The market — driven as always by psychology and expectations — is seriously spooked by the potential economic effects of a global coronavirus pandemic. It will almost certainly continue to whipsaw in coming weeks.

Flipping the calendar to March gets me excited for a vegetable garden. Typically, March 17 is the unofficial start of the season with Irish potatoes being planted. Peas could be planted ahead of potatoes if one is itching to get started.

Unsung heroes. They can take many forms, from a hard-working single parent to an inspirational teacher to your local firefighter or police officer. Today we’ll learn about a Kansas-based educational center which is seeking to share examples of unsung heroes so as to improve our communities a…