Melons, cucumbers, peaches, apples and most fruits require insects for pollination to stimulate the fruit production. European Honey Bees often get the credit for this work.

“I’d like a non-smoking room for one night, please – with plenty of prairie hay in it.” That probably doesn’t sound like a typical request at your local lodging establishment. It demonstrates the unique needs of someone traveling with horses.

When the university rolled out the K-State 2025 plan nearly a decade ago under then-president Kirk Schulz, the idea of K-State becoming a top-50 public research university seemed lofty, but K-State was thriving. It was at an all-time high for enrollment.

We want our community to be honest with itself. Three out of four sexual assaults go unreported and we want to change that. The Riley County Police Department recently launched a sexual assault awareness campaign called “Your Option. Your Control.” The main purpose of this campaign is to inf…

Now that the holidays are over but the days are still pretty short, I find it’s easy to feel a little blue. Getting cooped up in the cold and the dark makes for a long, dull season, and I’m already waiting for longer, warmer days.

As you might expect, security is a major priority when it comes to planning and facilitating operations for the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF). It’s a hot topic kept at the forefront of our everyday jobs as we work to keep our mission, research, and team secure.

Let’s go to the 2019 National Restaurant Association Expo in Chicago. Food suppliers are displaying products from across the nation. Only one of these suppliers is a producer of a healthy, fermented drink called kombucha that promotes health in a person’s gut. This remarkable business is own…

I have understood for awhile that video games are big business. I’ve understood for even longer that they’re a part of the culture — I’ve had kids wearing out their thumbs in the basement for two decades.

Maggie and I didn’t watch all the same cartoons when we were kids and had that privilege, which at least in my parents’ house was limited to Saturday mornings. But we both liked any and all Hanna-Barbera offerings as well as Looney Tunes.

I was 18 years old when my father, U.S. Army Col. John M. McHugh, was killed in Afghanistan. I almost forgot to tell him goodbye before he left. It was a Friday night; I had plans with my friends. My mother shouted from the kitchen on my way out the door, asking when I’d be home. Hand on the…

The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) published in 1989 its results experimenting with common indoor plants to remove indoor air pollutants.

“School days, school days, dear old golden rule days.” That nostalgic song describes good memories which many people have from their school times of yesteryear. One author has captured the history of many schools from the past across the state of Kansas. It’s today’s Kansas Profile.

At 19, my best friend and I had all the necessary ingredients for success as we set about to change the U-joint in my car. The right parts, tools, time, space, plenty of beer and confidence in our ability. Even a shade tree. We suffered no doubts about our automotive repair chops.

The decision by President Trump to target an Iranian leader, who was put on a terrorist list by the Obama administration, and killed 608 Americans in Iraq alone, was pure and simple Kansas common sense. Our American president should and will always protect our country and her people from imm…

Is the Middle East a powder keg ready to blow? Or did an assassination late last week actually make it less dangerous? Is the targeted killing of a top official of a sovereign state just plain wrong? Or did he deserve it because of his murderous actions and plans for more?

As the collective world geared up to enter 2020, many of my friends shared photos of themselves at the beginning and end of the decade, labeling it the #DecadeChallenge.

By now certainly you’ve heard of the unfortunate episode in Herington. It’s been all over the news, nationally and even internationally. That’s because it’s very much a story of our time — fakery, social media, and amped-up conflict as a result.

Perhaps you were fortunate to get a new pruning tool for Christmas. A previous article encourages sharpening and keeping your tools functioning. New or old tools can be put to use pruning fruit trees now when the weather is cooperative.

Throughout the autumn as the project dragged on though false starts, do-overs and delays, I was hatching a plan. I would very carefully catalog and annotate everything that had gone wrong, sit down with the contractor and negotiate a smaller number on the bottom line.

Drop seed. That’s what I do to plant my garden, right? When we put those words together, that is also the name of a beautiful grassy plant called prairie dropseed. Now it is the name of an innovative Kansas business. Today we’ll learn about a Kansas technology company which is designing soft…