President Joe Biden’s initial message about unity struck just the right chord at this moment in history. We’ve rarely been more divided, and the times call for coming together to overcome very difficult circumstances.

The phrase “Build it and they will come” holds true. Several years ago I decided I would like a tree allée in my landscape.

We’ve learned a lot about the coronavirus in the past 10 months. For instance: The problem is not playing football. The problem is house parties.

The practical question before the U.S. Congress is likely to come down to whether to convict Donald Trump of high crimes and misdemeanors, after he’s already out of office. The answer to that is, most emphatically, yes.

Kansas has been my home all my life. I have been asked what I like about living in Kansas. There could be several reasons as a response. The one that I often give is the weather. It is always changing and never dull.

There’s something I think many of us can agree upon: the internet giants need to be cut down to size. Google and Facebook — and maybe Twitter — just simply have too much power. If you’re a liberal or a conservative, you can probably accept that as a premise at this point.

I am a conservative Republican. Therefore, I must strictly adhere to the United States Constitution. The Constitution clearly limits the role of Congress with respect to presidential elections to the counting of electoral votes that have been certified by the states. The states, consistent w…

Scientific research and technological advances have helped societies progress in ways that our early ancestors would never have imagined. The new vaccines in recent news are evidence that basic research is integral to creating new disease countermeasures.

The Gardener is always evaluating the environment, looking at what is working and problem solving issues. Even with the gardening season on the down low, thinking about the garden does not end.

Back when I went to school, this was always the hardest part of the year: The long slog between Christmas break and spring break. In 2021, that’s going to be true for the rest of us, too. Back to that in a minute.

High school football is a family affair in rural Kansas. On Friday nights, moms and dads, grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends, neighbors and community members gather at the high school stadium for the weekly football game. It becomes a unifying community event. Today we’ll learn more…

The Mercury’s annual newsroom exercise of determining the top stories of the year reminded me of what Larry Bird said to all the other guys in the three-point shooting contest at the height of his powers: Who’s playing for second?

A friend tells me there’s a piece of cheese on a fishing hook that floats about 18 inches in front of my face, roughly 6 inches above my direct line of sight. It’s just floating along, waiting for me.

The 2020 growing season didn’t hold a lot of surprises in my opinion. There were both wet and dry periods.

So the latest argument against giving you the information you had previously been getting about coronavirus outbreaks here is, I guess, that giving you that information might make you erroneously stay away from the locations that had the outbreaks.

It is the season of gifts. Both in giving and receiving. Let’s for a moment focus on the receiving. Horticulture benefits the wealth and health of every citizen and every community. Here are just a few of the gifts we receive from plants.

Right off the bat, we should tell you that in this newspaper, we don’t use “Dr.” as a courtesy title for people who’ve earned doctorates that aren’t in the medical (or veterinary or dental) field.

The county health department now wants to keep you entirely in the dark about coronavirus outbreaks here. If you think you have a need to know about outbreaks, the county just doesn’t care. Sorry. They have other priorities.

Plants make our outdoor and indoor living spaces enjoyable. Nature provides assistance, if not outright care, of plants outdoors. The indoor plants rely totally on the care that they are given.

As the nation’s premier center for large animal agricultural research, training and diagnostics, the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) will have several vets on staff. In this case, I’m talking about veterans, not veterinarians — although, we will have several of both on our team.