We’re not very enthusiastic about the government limiting photographers’ freedoms. We’d prefer that the Riley County Commission ditch the restrictions it discussed Thursday.

Gov. Laura Kelly is evidently going to order that masks be worn in public statewide. There’s some dispute about whether she has the power to do so, but for the sake of discussion let’s assume that the order takes effect.

Sometimes we don’t get the amount of natural rainfall that is preferred. An inch of rain once a week is prescribed. The rain forecasts are promising but not always producing. With the normal hot and dry part of the growing season approaching, irrigation is likely.

The past few months have seen a lot of change for many of us. For our U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) team working behind the scenes to move into the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) here in Manhattan, one of the biggest changes has been our morning commute. There isn’t one!

There is a pretty sizeable collection of ballcaps high atop a shelf in my bedroom closet. A bunch of Royals and K-State caps, and a broad assortment of others picked up over the years. The same one has been perched atop my head since the pandemic reared its ugly counterpart in mid-March.

I do not claim to be an expert on the issues related to race or racism. No matter how much formal education I have had around multiculturalism, there is always tons of information often affected by personal and cultural perspectives that I default to others to educate me. What I am an expert…

In case you missed the larger picture, let’s be really clear: Manhattan in the past week became Ground Zero in America’s wrestling match with the coronavirus.

It was a fall morning in 2017. My toddler son and I were on the way to the private children’s park in our suburban Manhattan neighborhood. He rode in his little red wagon his grandparents had bought for him as I pulled him along. I had one hand on the handle and my cell phone in the other as…

Bagworms feed on just about any plant but usually favor the evergreens. I suggest looking over your spruce, arborvitae and junipers, which include the eastern redcedars, for bagworms. Scour other plants as well. I’ve found them on all kinds of my plants. They are on my annuals, which will ne…

I just turned a year older, and although I like to think I have plenty of birthdays in front of me, I’ve learned not to take them for granted. I’ve already outlived too many relatives and friends who had celebrated fewer birthday anniversaries than I have.

Mayor Usha Reddi said in a public meeting that the entire City Commission should be people of color. City Commissioner Mark Hatesohl said he wished everyone in town would get the coronavirus so that we could just be done with it. County Commissioner Marvin Rodriguez said the Manhattan area w…

It’s been widely reported that Derek Chauvin had more than a dozen misconduct complaints against him before he put his knee on the neck of George Floyd, an unarmed black man. It’s also widely known that Daniel Pantaleo, the New York City officer who seized Eric Garner in a deadly chokehold, …

It’s easy to think that the coronavirus pandemic is just sort of over. Government restrictions have eased, businesses are reopened, kids are playing baseball at Anneberg, and K-State football players are in town, training for next fall. Life seems normal.

In true nerdy fashion, for a while now when people have asked me what superpower I’d like to have, I’d reply, “Being able to speak every language in the world.”

I am going into year seven on my battle with yellow nutsedge. I treat it each year and it turns brown and appears dead. Again, it has sprouted up in the same locations as last year. Generally, it grows in wet soil. It is doing fine in my dry soil, as well. Now is the time to treat.

Bagworms have started hatching. You have all month to monitor and control any outbreaks you find. The bagworms are small and not causing plant injury now. As they mature, that is when the damage begins.

Manhattan has its flaws, like anywhere else. But the way the discussion about police brutality has proceeded here, certainly compared to many places around the country, ought to be a point of pride.

The occurrence of plant diseases is a mixed bag. Some you can predict on occurring each year. This past week, the cedar-apple rust was noticeable. Each season will be different, but this disease will be active each year.

This is not a column about wearing a mask or not wearing a mask and the polarization that surrounds that dialogue. It is a column about the process of making individual decisions and their impact on the community, writ large.

The last two-plus months have been weird for all of us (understatement of the year). But by a surreal coincidence, my maternity leave lined up almost exactly with everyone else’s coronavirus quarantine.

It’s a little too easy to laugh off the Riley County Commission’s purchase of a beat-up church building. A Mercury article last week indicated that commissioners bought it “sight unseen,” then found it dilapidated when they finally toured it.

There is a whole series of gardening programs coming up. Join K-State Research and Extension for a new series called “K-State Garden Hour.” The free weekly series will be noon to 1 p.m. Wednesdays via Zoom.