If you didn’t make it to Thursday night’s People’s Forum, you missed a moment of democracy in action. There was standing room only, and the Manhattan Alliance for Peace and Justice coordinators did a great job of keeping it running smoothly, clarifying candidate answers and allowing the publ…

City commissioners last week began to draft a new ordinance for smoking and electronic cigarette use. The idea is to update and combine the smoking and vaping ordinances to streamline the rules. It’s an important issue that’s likely to elicit strong reactions from the public.

It is not too early to be thinking about spring. Daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinths and other spring blooming plants need to be planted this fall. They need to have a cold treatment to initiate blooming. Nature provides this by having a winter season. These flowers can be forced to bloom b…

Anyone who has ever had a dog as a pet knows what good company they can be. Oh, they might have a repulsive habit or two, but so do a lot of humans, sometimes without the same level of tolerance.

Each vegetable gardening season is different. My spring crops turned out great. My tomatoes and beans have been plentiful. Sweet corn was pest free without trying. The sweet potatoes were decent. My melon crops had a down year for me.

I’ve always found the unexplained and paranormal fascinating. I don’t really believe witches and demons exist, but who doesn’t get a kick from getting a little scared and unnerved? That’s what this spooky season is for.

Would you like corn flakes for breakfast? Cows would like corn flakes for breakfast, too. Today we’ll learn about an innovative Kansas farm family that is utilizing a steam flaking technology to improve feed quality for their livestock operation and others around Kansas.

The dream takes one of two forms. I’m either sitting in front of a live microphone with no news copy or I’m late. No doubt, this brings to the surface some deep-seated repressed expression revealing my collective unconscious that compensates for the underdeveloped components of my waking psy…

The new movie “Brittany Runs a Marathon” is an almost ideal example of the troubles Hollywood gets into trying to base films on “true stories.” Without that problem, viewers who can’t stand pop psychology and its language might be the only moviegoers naysaying the film.

Pardon us for persnicketiness, but we just can’t help it. We’re still bothered by the fact that the local Republican Party is hosting forums for candidates in nonpartisan elections.

The McCain event last Wednesday night was a concert by The Kingdom Choir. This 16-voice group is touring after having attracted attention during a performance at the most recent royal wedding.

The Manhattan Arts Center opened its 2019-20 stage season with a production of the 2009 musical “The Addams Family” this past Friday in the center’s Grosh Performance Hall. The show’s future play dates: Friday through Sunday and Oct. 11-13.

Sept. 20 offered a revealing glimpse into our human predicament, right here in Manhattan.

Here’s the state of America in 2019, as told in the local news section of The Manhattan Mercury: The local police department and school district administrators are tracking down a second-hand report of a threat made on social media.

Sept. 20 offered a revealing glimpse into our human predicament, right here in Manhattan.

An era ended with a fizzle over the weekend, but we need to remember how great it was. Ned Yost managed his last game with the Kansas City Royals.

Before too long, trees and other plants will drop their leaves creating their own mulch for the winter.

Who is the only native Kansan ever to be elected President or Vice President? (If you guessed Dwight D. Eisenhower, you would be wrong. Although Eisenhower claimed Abilene, Kansas as his home, he was born during his family’s brief stay in Texas.) Who is the first Native American Indian ever …

When I was young, I was taught that children should be seen and not heard. I didn’t like being silenced much then any more than I do now. Thus I am cheered, and a bit inspired, by some of the youth in this country and elsewhere who have stepped forward to confront what they see as problems d…

One of the explanations for sports fandom and love for your alma mater is a sense of having a tribe, some primal sense of “belonging-ness.” In my experience, when you’re out and about in the wider world and you run across folks who also ate too much Call Hall ice cream and tried to stay awak…

Richard Harris’ review of Thom Hartmann’s book “The Hidden History of Guns and the Second Amendment” in Sunday’s “Mercury” included two suggestions that would “solve most of America’s gun-violence problem”: let’s license gun owners and register guns like we license drivers and register cars.

With seed planting behind us, many of our extra seeds can be held over for use next year.

I was watching the trailer for a new Netflix movie, “Tall Girl,” the other day. I saw the way the main character, a high school student, seemed to tower over most of her classmates, and I thought, “Wow, that girl is REALLY tall. Poor thing.” And then I read that she’s 6-foot-1.

The rain total for 2019 sits at 40 inches. Our average is 34.8 inches for the Manhattan area. Typically, the area doesn’t get much precipitation the rest of the year. I wait with anticipation for our total rainfall.

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If someone is a dog person, reactions are usually always positive, asking the owner the breed type, what’s the dog’s name and also, “Let me see a photo!”

“Kansas: The Mushroom State.” No, mushrooms have not surpassed wheat or sunflowers as a leading product in Kansas. In fact, today we’ll meet the only certified and inspected mushroom grower in the state. He and his family are growing and marketing mushrooms and honey as healthy, tasty foods.…

This week marked the 18th anniversary of the attacks on America by terrorists bent on destroying us. The day — Sept. 11 — was appropriately marked throughout the area with ceremony and testimonials.