Roughly $1 million evaporated from Manhattan after Country Stampede departed for Topeka.

The city’s August sales tax report, which reflects June sales, shows a 9% reduction when compared to the same time period in 2018.

“When all of a sudden you see a drop like that, you gotta believe part of that is Country Stampede, but I just don’t know,” said Bernie Hayen, director of finance for the city.

The city hasn’t seen a decrease like this in the past 18 months, Hayen said.

“This one was a little sobering, and the only comfort I saw in it, again, was what happened across the state of Kansas,” Hayen said.

Hayen noted in an email that other cities and counties also experienced declines in the report with the state’s overall sales tax revenue decreasing 4.1%.

Manhattan collected an amount of $859,078 in sales tax, which is a decrease of $90,062 or 9% from August 2018. In August 2018, the city collected $949,140.

The city had about $9.6 million in sales in June. That is more than $1 million less in sales compared to June 2018.

That estimate is based on the city’s sales tax base rate of 8.95%, but some parts of the city have additional sales tax.

Hayen also pointed out that the $108,151 collected in the accommodation and food services category was the lowest number this year by approximately $7,500.

The August report showed declines in several categories including retail and wholesale trade, accommodation and food services, and utilities.

For wholesale trade, Manhattan accumulated $42,535, a loss of $25,510 or a decrease of 37.49% from the amount of $68,045 last year.

In the utilities category, the city collected $36,823, a decrease of $19,177 or 34.24% from $56,000 generated last year.

For the category of accommodation and food services, the city collected $108,151, a drop from 2018’s $120,215 amount. That is a decrease of $12,064 or 10%.

In the retail trade category, the city collected $527,984, a drop of $24,291 or 4.4% from $552,275 in 2018.

Since January, the city has collected $7.31 million in sales tax, which is down from $7.34 million in 2018.

That is a decrease of $36,782 or about 0.4%.

Country Stampede — now Heartland Stampede — was a revenue booster in Manhattan for the past 23 years. The new venue is Heartland Motorsports Park, at 7530 SW Topeka Blvd.

During the same time period, Topeka saw a 3.4% reduction of sales tax, despite the move of the concert to the city.