All but one of the Riley County Commission Republican candidates have perfect voting records over the past 10 elections.

As the Republican candidates seek the public’s vote in Tuesday’s primary election, The Mercury looked at the voting records of each candidate running to see how often they voted. The Democratic challengers have no primary opponents, thus they won’t be examined until prior to the November election.

Greg McKinley and incumbent Marvin Rodriguez, who are both running for the District 2 seat, are among the candidates with perfect voting records over the past 10 elections, not including special elections. District 3 candidates John Matta and incumbent Ron Wells also voted in the last 10 elections.

Phil Mattox did not vote in the 2014 primary election or the 2013 general election. He told The Mercury he was moving to the area in 2013, so he probably did not vote because of the moving situation.

He said he didn’t vote in the 2014 primary most likely because he was not familiar with the candidates since he was new to the area.