MHS west concept drawing

In this concept drawing of Manhattan High School West Campus, the outline in red shows new construction of a two-story wing, which could add 20 classrooms and a third gym. The plan also includes new tennis courts, parking, and a synthetic field and track.

The Manhattan-Ogden school board’s plan to expand Manhattan High School’s West Campus includes tearing down the wing known as A Hall on the school’s south side and building a two-story wing with an attached gym in its place.

The board on Wednesday appeared to reach a consensus on moving forward with a plan to expand the school. Board members did not discuss where that would happen.

In documents prepared by consultants appeared to show that A Hall was the location of the project.

The expansion project would put all high school students under one roof. Freshmen currently attend most classes at East Campus, though some are bused to West Campus for certain electives.

The project, which would be part of a bond issue the board is crafting, is expected to cost $33.3 million in construction and renovations at West Campus. Along with the addition, the plan also includes the construction of two sets of tennis courts, a new parking lot and a synthetic field and a new track. The improvements would eliminate an open practice field west of the school.

The West Campus has a current capacity of 1,559 students. Enrollment for sophomores through seniors was 1,297 in September. Including the freshman class, that number jumps to 1,769.

The new addition would add about 20 classrooms, according to the school district’s master plan. Eric Reid, assistant superintendent, said he expects the new capacity to exceed 2,000 students, but that is only an estimate because of the early stages of the project.

“I don’t get too caught up in that yet with these being concept drawings, but that (20 classrooms) is what we can do with the proposed square footage,” he said.

As part of the plan, the board would move the rest of its administrative offices from Robinson Education Center to East Campus.

The administration would only take up a portion of the building and the rest would be “mothballed,” which means left empty and preserved for future use. The East Campus part of the plan is expected to cost about $700,000.

Reid said the board plans to discuss plans for Robinson Education Center during its April 11 facilities meeting.

Dylan Lysen is the education reporter for the Manhattan Mercury. Follow him on Twitter @DylanLysen and on Facebook @DylanLysenNews.