Jurors on Wednesday watched a video of an interview between a detective and the man accused of multiple counts of rape of a child and other acts.

Alan Ingwersen, 67, is charged in Riley County District Court with eight counts of rape, five counts of aggravated criminal sodomy and eight counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a then-15-year-old girl — who was the daughter of his girlfriend — between Oct. 1, 2019, and Sept. 9, 2020. The trial began Tuesday. The girl was identified in court, but The Mercury doesn’t identify victims of sexual assault.

The prosecution asked Riley County Police Department Det. Shawn Goggins to take the witness stand as his interview with Ingwersen played. In the video, Goggins reviewed acts that the girl accused Ingwersen of committing. Ingwersen talked about touching the girl’s breasts, buttocks and vagina, as well as his private parts.

Ingwersen admitted to some but not all of the acts. Ingwersen said in the video he touched her breasts about 10 times and her buttocks 10 times, had oral sex five times, and put his fingers in her vagina one to five times.

Towards the end of the video, Ingwersen asked the detective multiple times if he would be arrested.

Defense Attorney Barry Clark asked Goggins why he hadn’t formally interviewed the girl. Goggins responded that it was common practice to send victims of these acts to the Child Advocacy Center.

Emily Selby of Stepping Stone Child Advocacy Center testified Wednesday about her interview with the girl.

The court played the interview in its entirety for the jury. Selby and the girl went through some of the girl’s accusations against Ingwerson. In the video, the girl had trouble naming aloud the body parts that she said he had touched and that she touched.

Selby used two anatomical diagrams for the girl to point to and circle. The girl circled the breasts, buttocks and vaginal area on the female diagram and genital area on the male diagram.

Selby said the girl told her about the different locations in the house where the touching was done. Selby said this indicated to her that these acts had happened more than once.

Under questioning by Clark, Selby confirmed asked the girl to tell the truth and all the details she could.

Selby said the girl told her that Ingwersen didn’t do any touching of areas beyond what she circled, and Ingwersen didn’t touch her with anything other than his hands.

The girl would later say that Ingwersen engaged in oral and penetrative sex with her. The defense had questioned why the girl didn’t provide those details initially. The girl testified Tuesday that she wasn’t comfortable telling the story to people she just met.

The trial was scheduled to continue Thursday.