Aaron Estabrook sits inside the Aggieville Business Association

Aaron Estabrook sits inside the Aggieville Business Association.

Manhattan city commissioner-elect Aaron Estabrook used his 48 hours in jail for reflection.

“I think just that it provided time to reflect on things and also gain a better understanding of kind of some of the ways that the correctional system works,” Estabrook said. “But also since then, I’ve also been more focused on serving the community of Manhattan and also working with the students and the people I meet every day.”

In November, Estabrook was sentenced to 48 hours in jail, 120 hours of house arrest, 20 hours of community service and six months of probation for an April DUI charge.

According to an RCPD report, Estabrook hit a parked vehicle in the parking lot of Starbucks on Bluemont Avenue in April. He later refused a sobriety test.

Estabrook said while in jail, he thought about a story someone had told him right after he was arrested. The story centered around a 1-ounce shot glass.

In that glass, a person can put family, a car or car keys, and potentially lose them all, Estabrook said.

“That was very real to me,” Estabrook said. “It’s not that little. It can take away everything.”

Estabrook received his sentencing one week after the municipal election. It came after two delays from his attorney.

He served his 48 hours in jail over the Nov. 29 weekend.

“I’m just glad to be done with this and moving on,” he said.

Estabrook said he was in a pod with about 13 other men. Food was delivered to the pod as well, he said.

“I never left that pod, so we each had individual areas within,” he said. “You’re just there.”

There wasn’t a whole lot to do other than read, sleep and think, he said.

“I didn’t interact a ton with everybody,” Estabrook said. “People seemed to be trying to get through each day, and there’s not a lot of activity you can do. It’s kind of sitting there, sleeping and thinking about stuff.”

Estabrook said he already has completed his house arrest time and will work on completing his community service hours after the first of the year.

Estabrook, along with incumbent Linda Morse and Mark Hatesohl, will be sworn in during the Jan. 7 meeting.

Estabrook is serving a two-year term as he finished in third place behind Morse and Hatesohl. Morse and Hatesohl earned four-year terms on the commission.

Once on the commission, Estabrook said he is looking forward to setting goals and getting his daughters involved in local government.

“So I’m really excited for my daughters to kind of be involved in that. … And see some of the ways government works,” he said.

Estabrook said he wants to make sure there are clean and defined goals with metrics in please to track the city commission’s progress.

“I think we’ll get that knocked out in January, and we’ll go from there,” he said.